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Human Sheet:

Name: Ameil Sable
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Status: Deviant Tuner
Appearance: Amiel is a 5'6 thin female who hides her true identity under monochrome clothing. She wears a grey jacket with a large hood over a lighter grey form fitting tank top. Black slacks with a white line down the sides, and a slate backpack. Her hair is a ligh brown, shoulder length with highlights and her eyes are hazel. She also wears black and white gloves, black on her back side and white on the palm side. Her shoes, once again, white and grey. The only splash of colour Amiel has is barely noticable, but is the only thing that defines her as a Deviant. She wears a nearly black, but with a hint of midnight blue, bandana around her neck. Witheveryone being colour blind, even WAE members see it as black. She sometimes wears a pair of sunglasses.

Personality: Amiel is reserved and quiet, nearly mute at all times and doesn't speak unless spoken to most of the time. She's very cautious of other people, knowing that someone is out there looking for her, she also doesn't trust easily. She can act as the perfect WAE stricken human, having been down that path before. Amiel prefers to be alone, knowing that pepople will either flock to her about her story of escaping the inescapable, or having other Deviants scold and degrade her for not rescuing anyone else in the process. She has a sharp wit that's saved her from being caught in the past, and can be impulsive on a moments notice. When alone she constantly sings songs, as her mind is virtually a radio, playing songs inside her head non-stop. She can almost read people, and if the WAE had never shown up, she would of been a music therapist. Amiel is distant from everyone else and only takes some getting used to in order to get to know who she was before the WAE nearly weaponized her Sona.

Background: Amiel was born into a torn family. She lived with her mother who was always on the go, either because of work or because of the people who were looking to fire her. Amiel took to music instantly, learning how to play a variety of instruments despite the fact they were contraband at the time. As she grew older, Amiel started a group of Deviants known as Network Rebels. Every week or so they would hijack different radio channels and play prerecorded torrents and playlists for hours, trying to inspire other Deviants who were falling into the WAE. They would plant the device, control it remotely, and when the signal went up, they would flee and travel for a week to the next point. Things went on like this for months until Amiel's mother was caught harboring Deviants and supporting their unacceptable actions. Amiel knew everyone was in danger, but rather than run, tried to find her mother. She was only dragged away by her fellow gang members to safety, and hid in a small shed for the next few months until things died down. The other gang members spread out, and were eventually all caught. To Amiel's dismay, she became heavily unlike herself, losing the will to make music or play it. For another few months Amiel lived in a small shed, slowly falling more and more into a mentally dead state. Then suddenly one day, while thinking a stream of thoughts to herself, Amiel just snapped. Everything she used to love, everything she did, she had a sudden urge to do it again. The WAE wasn't natural, no matter what their slogan was. She felt inspired again, and took out her mixing board and started to just hammer out songs. After hours of non-stop music, she felt a bit like herself again, but the dead state of creativity had an impact on her. She wasn't the same person after that, however she wasn't about to let someone else feel that deadness again.

Channel Hijack: Ameil can hijack radio frequencies and play whatever she feels like on them. She knows how to hide channels and hide the origins of her transmissions.
Military Channel: Having spoken with Veza, she knows how to ID strong Deviants and knows some CQC. She is also capable of free running.
Jet Set Drive: Ameil is also a very good driver and owns a very fast bike. She can also roller skate pretty damn well.
WAE Channel: She can easily slip through WAE inspections due to having been of the WAE itself.
Omni DJ: She is able to make crowds of people stop with music and distract those of the WAE to have them perform at a lesser level.
Omni Instrumentalist: Give Amiel any instrument and she can play it. Give her any song and she can remix it.

Sona Sheet:

Name: Veza Ryngsen
Age: Unknown, estimated at around 20
Gender: Female
Species: Drakyle [Drake Gargoyle hybrid]
Appearance: Picture drawn by me. Steal and explode.
Nearly 7 feet tall without hunching over and a tail length just as long, Veza can be quite intimidating at a first glance. Her typical wingspan is 20 feet, however her ability to generate additional caraspace plates or expand her already existing ones can make it as large as she needs it to be. Her body colour is that of a murky greenish grey blue and her plates or ‘scales’ are a dull dark steel colour. The gems on either side of her neck are all opals; however vary in colour depending on the situation. Two massive muscles go down her back, a few inches from either side of her spine. She has two opposable claws just before her ankle on her feet and her wings are covered in the caraspace ‘scales’. Her eye colour also varies with the opals, though is commonly a mild iridescent hue or tint despite the colour changes.

Personality: Veza’s personality at its most usual is enthusiastic towards others and is always out to help, defend her friends, fight the good fight. However due to being militarized, she does have very erratic changes to her behaviour, ones that would make calling it a mood swing be an understatement. Certain things trigger certain behaviours. Certain confrontations cause her to become almost mute, acting as a feral beast that would rather fight it out to see who’s right rather than listen to reason, though does not attack unless provoked. In some scenarios, she can be ruthless and cold, not giving a second glance at someone who may ask her for help; only to walk away to continue whatever task she had at hand. She can become so focused on something, it gets to a point where anyone and everyone else is either non-existant to her, or doesn’t matter. Depending on how she takes a first impression of another Sona, also depends on how she acts towards that Sona very dramatically. Despite her changing and unstable personality, Veza is a hardworking and incredibly strong souled being. This can be an asset as well as a threat, depending on how Veza is acting. When everything else seems to make no sense, you can always know that Veza will get the job done, no matter what and sometimes, no matter the cost.

Information: Veza’s creation originally started based on the two muscles that give a hedgehog the ability to contract into a ball. After that, things got a lot more fantasy beast oriented. Her original form had a set of large powerful wings that could double as giant hands for a right hook that could really put anyone into next year. She had stony scales that shed whenever hit hard enough, but always grew back. Crystal generation was her primary way of healing, which still persists in her being able to replace severed limbs with super heating as if nothing ever happened. When the WAE began its oppressive gain, Veza was one of the first ones afflicted. She fought hard along with her Deviant but the Sona took too many blows for others, losing inspiration as her Deviant lost the will to create music. Soon both were in a dark slump, and the WAE took Veza in, changing her into a super weapon for future use. Her Deviant remained alone in her own depression, hidden from the WAE in Reality. They tried to attain the information from Veza as to where her Deviant was, but Veza remained mute. WAE knew that the more she was changed for their use, the easier it would be, and so they slowly pushed her more and more into their ways. Much of her stony hide was replaced with special hybrid crystal plating that she could expand or condense. She was able to still turn into a ball, roll around, and ignite her body. Crystals were grown from her nervous system to indicate her emotional state for better control over her. During testing of her emotions, was when Veza suddenly snapped, and her Deviant suddenly had a rush of mental freedom. Veza, channeling that burst of inspiration to her Deviant in order to have her give her the ability to break out, Veza brutally charged her way out of Velvod and into Vanlut. Having her Horizon destroyed, both her Deviant and herself wander the areas of Reality and Nexen respectively, fighting off WAE forces in their own ways.

Veza does not have blood in her and does not need to breathe, as large amounts of oxygen in her body would cause her insides to ignite and incinerate. She only breathes to generate an internal temperature and to give extra fuel to her ability to light her back on fire.

Ignition: Veza can ignite the two muscular lines of muscle on her back and keep herself lit on fire. This is the basis of her life force, as if one of her limbs was cut off, it would turn into a dense, indestructible substance that she can reattach to her body with super heating, basically melting it back on. Being part gargoyle, the downside is that the colder she gets, the less energy she has. At a certain temperature, known as her ‘freezing point’ Veza goes into a state of hibernation and reverts into a ball, turning into the super dense material until her body returns to a regular temperature. She is capable of causing disruptive energy pulses in potential energy, making bursts of energy or just plain exploding things. She can also absorb energy, which is absorbed by her plates provided they aren’t blown off.
Caraspace Generation: Veza’s plating or scales enhanced her ability to regrow her crystal hide, only now it’s a synthesized crystal hybrid that can protect her from any form of attack. That said, the plates to get blown off and she can generate more in a moments time. These plates also generate hammerspace, and can store any amount of random objects in.
Expansion and Condensing: Veza can expand her plates at will if she feels she needs bigger armor, or to completely armor herself when she reverts into a ball like a hedgehog. She can also condense them and her entire body into an odd humanoid form of which she is covered in the plates, and looks a bit alien. This new form was adapted as a stealth mechanism after escaping WAE.
Flight: With wings, Veza is able to fly. She is also able to produce mass amounts of heat from her plates to hover.
Superior Strength and Endurance: Due to her being militarized and nearly turned into a super weapon by WAE, she is incredibly strong.

Other: Veza is capable of calculating tactical options in battle when looking at her opponent when in certain moods. This was anothe feature given to her by WAE, however was not completed due to her breaking out.

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