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Default Re: Nexen [SUDS]


-No flamming spamming, harassing being rude to others.

-No god modding. I am going to be very watchful of this and will drop kick you out of here so hard if you god mod. No one likes it and it ain't fun.

-Your Sona can have any ability or powers your heart desires. I trust you're all mature people who know how to not god mod.
-Sona's CANNOT be already existing characters, they must be original. They can be influenced by existing characters from toher franchises, but there is a line between influenced and imitating.

-A Sona and a Deviant can keep in communication within the recesses of their mind. Basically,a weird kind of telepathy. Therefore, a Sona can only speak to it's Deviant in the real world, and no other person. This is only in a calm state, where Reality is being blocked out by the Deviant.

-You may use any song, piece of writing, piece of art, etc. that has been already made in the real world in the RP, however please remember to give proper credit to the people who made it at the bottom of your post. We don't like thieves here. ;3


Human Sheet:

Status: [What kind of Deviant or WAE?]
Appearance: [Pictures allowed, text still required]
Background: [Not necessarily a history, just some background information]
Skills: [Any other skills to note]

Sona Sheet:

Age: [Mentally, not necessarily how long the Sona has existed]
Species: [What the flip is your Sona?]
Appearance: [Pictures allowed, text still required]
Information: [Background, how the Sona was made, their position in Nexen duing the conflict, yes WAE people still have them, etc.]
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