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Default Nexen [SUDS]


...the extension of the world...

Note: This is an original novel concept and all ideas belong to myself.
~Banner by Velocity <3

Reality, where we know everything is, know of everything and know of our existence. This world is no different from the one you live in now, well, not quite. The people here are like your people, the food, air, cities, and oceans, pretty much the same. The only difference is the soul of the world. Here, those who are imaginative to a certain level, can create to a point where if they don’t, they become overwhelmed. We became overwhelmed. We weren’t the first. Michelangelo, Da Vinci…Bach and Beethoven, Martin Luther King, many people throughout history as great artists, musicians, speakers…their creative minds shaped the world, and not just Reality…but gave nurturing to another world. No one knows when it began, or where it came from. It’s existence wasn’t recognized until sometime around the 1900’s. Now, every being on the planet knows about it.

Nexen…the parallel soul of Reality.

Nexen is the place where all the creative and imaginative excess of those who overflow with it, reside in. This creativity is given a living form, universally known as a Sona. A Sona belongs to its creator and is an extension of them. Here, ideas and inspiration are brought to the creator in order to share them and enrich the world of Reality. Horizons are made, places of Nexen that gives a Sona their own little world to call home in. People in Reality can share these Horizons with friends, family, anyone they share a close connection to, as well as other Sona’s. As Nexen flourished, so did Reality. People were happy, the world became a seemingly better place, however there were always those who used their ideas for the wrong reasons. As time went on, people began to think of plots and ploys to abuse people, cause harm to others, commit crimes, and even start wars. Nothing got too out of hand, as it was typical of things to go wrong in Reality.

However, something else was festering…

No one knows where it came from, or how it began, but in Nexen, a tragedy struck. One of the newly born areas fell plight to a plague of unknown power. All of its life, ideas, creations, fell to a purge. This purge was contained in that area, now known as Velvod. Despite this, living things began to appear there…terrible things. They were the Sona’s that had been victim of this purge. Their creative abilities changed to degrading, destructive powers. It seemed to have no effect in Reality, not yet anyway.

Reality went on its way, things continued as the world normally did. A few things happened that seemed odd, but no one took notice of it, as the odd thing happened every so often. Slowly but surely, it grew worse. People in Reality started to become depressive, lose their will to do anything out of the normal, lost passion and desire to be exceptional. It started with the few people around the globe, but soon it started to spread. Some just became almost lifeless in their eyes, some became new leaders. In Nexen, Velvod was developing, some small groups making their way through the mazes of Enfin, assaulting the Horizons of Sona’s and taking them to Velvod, testing their mettle to see if they were powerful enough to be more than a mindless soldier. Over a few decades, the force in Reality grew to a staggering level, schools were dulled, artists arrested, musicians moved to rehabilitation, speakers muted, everyone who tried to keep living a creative life was shut down and out. Soon, people couldn’t see colour anymore, became deaf to music, couldn’t speak out of the ordinary or move to another place. Finally the force gave it’s identity in Reality, constantly muttering ‘We are everything…we are everything. WAE…the way…”

There were still those who hid underground, practising, rebelling. Sona’s of these people did the same. Those who fought against the WAE, those who are rebelling in Reality and fight the normal, have been given the tag of Deviants. By definition; ‘One that differs from a norm, especially a person whose behavior and attitudes differ from accepted social standards.’ Fit those people well. They took the name with pride, looking to reform and replace the society they knew now. They would die trying, knowing that there was no way to escape becoming one of the WAE. The WAE knew this as well, and that idea kept them at the upper hand.

Then, something happened…

‘I got out…’

Nexen shook and the WAE in Reality knew their foundation had been shaken. A Sona who had been taken into Velvod, partially developed into a special weapon to fight the remaining Deviantss and their Sona’s, escaped the hold of WAE.

‘I am the one who escaped…’

WAE searches for Deviants now more than ever in Reality, looking for the body and mind of the one who broke through their hold. They never found the Sona’s creator before or after claiming the Sona, and the Sona never was the same after influence of WAE. Deviants look to or for this unknown Deviant, knowing that they themselves have the ability to fight off the very thing that is killing their world.

No one knows why the WAE is taking over, no one knows why it came or what the motives are. The only thing anyone knows is that there is one Deviant that needs to be found.

‘Find us and you’ll find the answers…’

Reality is the world people live in. It isn't any different from the world we know. All of everything in the real world exists in Reality, almost like a paralell world to Earth. Any references in our world exists in this one. The world is heavily falling into WAE control with heavily controlled society, almost everything being monitored and checked by high levels of security. If you resist, they won't hesitate to shoot you if they can't seem to brainwash you.

The People

Deviant's are the extremely creative and imaginative people of Reality. These people whose creative mind flow in excess into another form in another plane of existence…into a Sona, a very extension of themself. These Sona’s preserve the creative power of their creator, and in turn give them power. When the Deviant has no will for creativity, their Sona is affected, becoming weak and lifeless. When the Sona has no flow of inspiration, their Deviant becomes unable to create. Though death is never true, one cannot truly live without the other. Deviants are also the only humans that can still see in colour left in Reality.

Deviant's come in specialties. All Deviants can perfore in any creative art, however excell in one in particular. The names of the most prominent ones are listed below:

Tuners: Music lovers unite, reaching out on the waves of the world to appeal to the ear. Music in itself is another language, one that releases another form of expression that has been supressed. More original pieces are more powerful, but nothing beats good old fashioned classic rock and techno. Tuners can enhance their music by performing original pieces, with a Tungz that can sing, like an angel, lyrics written by a Scribz.

Scribz: Writing wills these people to bring creativity back into the world. Poetry or even a speech, anything written by a Scribz will make you stop and read. On paper, anything forged looks entirely believable, and this ability is enhanced with the help of Graphix. Tungz reading anything originally written by a Scribz will have a great effect on listeners

Grafix: Art oriented, they bring the colour and life into the eyes of people, making people stare into entirely different worlds or interpretations of a truth. Everything from mosaics and murals, to graffiti and landscaping Graphix can do. They can reproduce any image and make it look like the original, making it easy to slip by those who require specific ID to pass through.

Tattu: Named after body art, Tattu’s are skilled in exactly that. Anything from dancing to martial arts, or even acting, Tattu’s often have a more direct effect on people, either by interpretive dance or hitting the next guy that looks at them funny in the gut. They make anything look believable with acting skills and are enhanced by Scribz and Tungz.

Tungz: Speaking is their specialty. Be it persuasive speech and smooth talk, to convincing speeches you’d expect to hear in the court room. Tungz also make good singers, as well as Tuners, not to mention having the ability to do great impressions of those they encounter. Tungz can talk their way out of almost any problem to avoid physical conflict, especially if given some help from a Scribz.

Enginez: These people are the thinkers, those who can create great ideas and concepts, those who notice everything and can think on five different channels at once. These people know how to create near fool proof plans and how to execute them to near perfection. Not effective alone, they do better with others to help carry out these ideas. Enginez excel at solving mysteries and puzzles and are far more resistant to any other Deviant creative arts, however there are only the rare few who haven’t fallen into the WAE control.

Paletz: Hungry? Grab a...fork. Or spoon. Or hell use your hands. Paletz are a rare form of Deviant, and cooking is their specialty. You can't harbor imagination on an empty stomach, and these forms of Devians do just that. Instant food they shun for flavorful meals with actual exotic foods. Tattu's can't fight with no fuel, tuners can't jive out when their internal organs outplay everything, and so on and so forth. It's difficult to find one who hasn't fallen to the mundane ways of WAE, however some know how to hide themselves well, therefore, they aren't well known.

Fabz: Someone has to make the clothing on your back, and to them, there is a difference between drab and...well fab. Fabz, named for their mastery of fabrics and clothing, can creat the best of the best costumes, attire, fashions and much much more. Anyone wearing these clothes will stand out, making the risk of adapting to creating WAE disguises incredibly difficult. This is why there are incredibly few Fabs in the world today that still retain their creativity.

Those who have fallen to the WAE, yet still remain empowered are those who guide it to it's forseen victory. Those who were strong Deviants remain to their specialty, however use it in an inverted way to keep those who are with the WAE in their control, and to combat the common people from becoming inspired. Almost every known Engine Deviant has fallen to the WAE.


Nexen is a paralell world that is always changing. Here, Sona's of Deviants live, interacting with other Sona's and doing what they feel like. WAE, living in a section of Nexen, slowly is breaking through the barriers and attacking the more vast areas of the world, instead of individual horizons. Many a Sona have fallen to the WAE, thouogh many Sona remain. Sona's are not limited to just people, even animals, from the common house cat to a wild bear has a Sona. They take the form of any beast and do as they will. What powers do Sonas have? Anything, whatever their creator gave them.

Nexen is broken up into five areas, as listed and described below:

A world of fantasy where you would expect DnD and Magic players to be at their peak. He forests are thick and the fields are every colour imaginable. Flower petals float in the breeze almost like a constant rain. Caves are aglow with odd crystals and are formed in the oddest of ways. Many animal Sona’s call this place home and the more adventurous Sona’s reside in the forests. This is the oldest area of Nexen and often the first visited. Many old souls often have their Horizon connected here rather than Mecyti.

A hilly mountainous area with a more medieval taste to it. The second oldest living area of Nexen, small villages are separated by long and grand areas of wilderness complete with sharp peaks, unpredictable paths and weather that would make you experience an entire year’s worth in one day. Even in the rocky fields that imitate the vastness of a sea, anything could happen. Animal based Sona’s seem abnormally more intelligent here so everyone is constantly on their toes…or paws or claws, whatever their Sona has.

An urban sprawl of sprawls, where sky scrapers stand upon towering hills of more skyscrapers. Everyone here may speak their own language, but somehow everyone can understand each other. Music and graffiti are celebrated, people dance in the street and stand atop buildings and give speeches, and as long as you respect everyone else, there won’t be any trouble. There’s always some gang messing with things around town. Nevertheless the place is the center hub for creative expression of any and every kind.

Deep labyrinth-like caverns twist and turn, making travellers there never cross the same place twice. Lamps light the more used tunnels and leave the darker ones veiled in ominous enigma. Rumors of the more deadly Sona’s float around in the eerie wind. Some say that this place was a test for Enginez’ Sonas. This place is nigh explored due to it being the only wall standing between Velvod and the rest of Nexen.

The first area of Nexen completely decimated into an industrial wasteland, and where the origin of creative death known as the WAE started. Everything clad in a sepia hue with the only contrast, shades of grey, huge dust and sandstorms blow over the underground facility where Sona’s at near disembodiment are refined into powerful Antitivity. Despite the WAE being all over Reality, Nexen has Enfin stopping most of the WAE forces from attacking the rest of the areas. However, some forces are breaking through in small guerilla groups.

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