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Default Re: Sprite Requests (request sprites here or in a shop)

Originally Posted by SuperUltraZekrom View Post
Can someone make me a scratch of a trainer riding Charizard?

Pokemon: Charizard
Position: Soaring through the air, with it's trainer on it's back.
You'll need to give a lot more information than just that. What's the trainer wearing? Is he/she old or young? Colour of his/her hair? Eyes? Shoes? Length of his/her hair? Is he/she fat or thin, or somewhere in between? Muscly, perhaps? Bony? Does he/she wear glasses; does he/she have a bag with him/her, or any other equipment? What is he/she doing--crying, laughing, looking determined, extremely depressed, ecstatic? Is he/she slouched, or sitting up straight, or even hanging on with his/her teeth? IS HE/SHE FEMALE OR MALE?

As for the charizard, is he/she a normal colour? What about his/her face's expression? Is his/her neck curling around so he/she can smile at his/her trainer, or is he/she totally focused on the sky before him/her? How about the angle you want the scratch at? The direction? Is he/she flying straight across, up or maybe down? How are his/her wings angled? Are they mid-flap, raised or level with the rest of his/her body? What about what his/her arms are doing? How BIG do you want the scratch? Do you want a background?

Think about this first. Remember to be specific. :3

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