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Default Re: New Horizons: Dark Arceus [all-inclusive mon/morph/trainer/wild/etc]

((I'm being lazy and just copying an intro once more, just so that the rp gets going. The post order is same as the cast order, so first is me, then Max, then Sylver and so on. If a member doesn't respond for an extended amount of time (a week or two) without previous notice, the other members can choose to continue until the missing one returns, or if he/she never does, just continue.))

The late autumn sunlight dipped low over the Sinnoh mountains, casting long grasping shadows over Veilstone. The neon-lit game-corner was still wide awake, as a young girl in her mid teens pranced her way out of the doors with a smile plastered over her face. “Pleasure doing business with you!” She said with an airy wave.

"Hey, get back here you!” A tall, bulky man with a bald head stomped after her. “There's no way you could've won all that without cheating!" The manager tried to grab the arm of the girl exiting the casino with a shoulder bag stuffed full of coins.

She twirled swiftly out of his grasp, smiling easily up at the man who was nearly twice her height. "How can you cheat on roulette?” She chirped. “Ask anyone, they'll say I did absolutely nothing wrong!”

The manager scowled. His fists looked like they wanted to pulverize the doorway. There was no evidence, no nothing. He snorted. "I'm watching you.” he grumbled, giving her the 'I'm watching you' gesture. “And you'd better not come back here again for a looooong time." he hollered as she skipped away.

She smirked and waved to him. "Don't need to!" She yelled back, for the sole purpose of watching his face go from plum red to a deep purple with rage. She skipped and hopped down the rocky path, headed straight for the bank, amidst a few stares at the coins bursting the seams of her bag. The thud of coins against her side was music to her ears. "Like taking candy from a baby." Her green skirt swirled behind her. "It sure helps to play the game when you know the number that comes next!" She pushed a strand of her short brown hair out of her face. As brown as her dark eyes. Except for one strand, which was dark forest green. Her shirt was red with long flared white sleeves, which ruffled and caught the wind, which she enjoyed. The breeze blew them out as she spread her arms.

"Sinnoh down, Kanto and Johto to go." It was darker than she expected. The cool fall day had silently shifted to dusk in her elation. She looked around and realized she'd gotten distracted and walked into the tree line. "Man, I should really look where I'm going," Then, her vision clouded over, becoming brighter and brighter until everything was enveloped in a white light. "Huh?" Shadows, moving, blobs of form, several, figures...then brightness, and nothing, and the city swam back into her vision. She teetered and blinked the starts out of her eyes. "Not again" The girl adjusted her grip on her bag to grip it tightly in her fists. She looked into the trees, watching. Waiting.

A shadow of movement. Then, the shadows became clearer and turned into blobs of form. There were several of them, coming closer, discernible figures, then,

"Gimmie the bag, girly." A huge thug wielding a very heavy looking bat stepped out of the forest, followed by a few buddies, a luxray, a yanmega and a bibarel, of all things. All the humans had a weapon of some sort. The girl studied them, then jutted her chin out proudly.

"Why should I?"

The big guy with the bat, the leader she supposed, laughed a semi-toothless laugh. He walked forward, slamming the bat into his palm. "You need a demonstration girly?"

She looked at the bat, and then at her bag and the view of the street behind her, suddenly realizing the mess she'd gotten into. And the noise, she couldn't concentrate with that noise. A tap, tap, tapping noise, coming from, behind her? Tap, tap, tap, slowly, getting closer. Tap, tap, against the stone road.

An arm draped around her shoulder. "Callisto, what's going on?" Someone said in a faint, wispy, airy voice.

Callisto winced and closed her eyes. "Oh no, no, not now, please, no."

The thug stepped back a pace, evaluating what had just arrived. It was a man, maybe less than twenty, it seemed, but he was breathing hard from the effort of walking like an old man, and he leaned heavily on a cane with a long hooked handle, since it seemed like something was wrong with his left leg. His clothes were pretty formal, an old dark gray suit and dress pants with black shoes, except for his hat, or cap more like. It was almost like a beret, a gray one, and he kept all his hair tucked under it. He kept his eyes lowered so no one saw them, and he leaned against Callisto's shoulder for support.

After evaluating the newcomer for a short time, the thug slowly began to chuckle, then break out into a whole-hearted laugh. "Hey, hey girly, this your boyfriend or your grandpa?" The other humans laughed too. "I know we don't rob old guys, but what the heck is this?" They were cracking up. The man, or boy, or whatever, didn't react, just kept looking down on the ground, silently.

Callisto was still standing as she was in a withdrawn, cringe-like pose, drawing away from the man who had just arrived as if she was ashamed to be around him. “Julien,” she hissed while the thugs were too busy poking fun at the pair, “what do you think you're doing?”
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