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Default New Horizons: Dark Arceus [all inclusive mon/trainer/morph/etc][DS]

New Horizons
Part 1:


These have been uncertain times. Ever since the mysterious ghost uprising above the forests north of Lilycove several years ago, the public has wondered what would happen next. Now, the ghosts gone, there is another threat. A former detective and prodigy in the Hoenn police force had suddenly disappeared with a substantial amount of money and confidential information. Police will not give any report about how they were duped by a mere teen, a partially blind one at that, but there have been rumours leaked that Riley Dubois, son of infamous weapons specialist Lucian Dubois, now deceased, was the perpetrator of the theft. There were already suspicions regarding his, peculiar abilities, possibly linking him to the ghost incident above Lilycove hardly a year ago. He has connections everywhere in the world and extensive knowledge on advanced weaponry, as well as being suspected to own a dangerous and illegal Darkrai. Newspapers and headlines warn everyone; be on the lookout for this dangerous, and ingenious criminal. If seen, do not confront under any circumstances. Call the local authorities, and pray he doesn't find you.

Of course, when you're gambling in Veilstone, the gambling capital of Sinnoh, you're not thinking of stories like this, am I right? It's a beautiful day, the sun is shinning and you have a bag of coins in your hand. Sounds pretty perfect to me. A bit too nice, for my liking. But things will change, very soon. I'll make sure of that...

Unbeknownst to the humans, no, to anyone other than they themselves, all over the world, hiding in the shadows, or deep within the woods, or even walking among the humans like they were one of them, the lucky few 'abnormals' who escaped from their labs are walking among the 'normals', searching for more of their own, searching for a safe haven, and hiding.
Always hiding....

History of Morphs:
Many many years ago, almost a century before present date, the laboratories of the five regions went their separate ways; the public/private labs, now run by the regional professors (Oak, Elm, Birch, etc,) and individual professors (Ahkihabara, Yung, Fennel, etc.) studied pokemon's relationships with humans and how they could live and work together, thus leading to the world we know today. The other labs, the Sector Labs, winked out of known existence that same day, and disappeared.

The most brilliant minds of four of the five regions had signed an oath together, swearing to their cause and devotion to secrecy of their discovery; how pokemon and human dna can be combined to make something much more. For over a century the Sector Labs have operated in secret under the guise of the world's leading scientific research centres, such as the Kanto/Johto medicinal research centres, Sinnoh's genetic research lab and the main advanced weaponry laboratory in Hoenn's north-east archipelago.

For over a century human subjects, as pokemon to human morphing isn't practical, have been locked away withing these labs, undergoing terrible testing and experimentation, fights to the death and dissection for parts. For over a century, they have suffered and died under the fierce oppression of the most brilliant minds in the world, for over a century, not a soul outside the Sector Lab Consulate had known of their existence, and for many centuries to come, for those few who had managed to evade the meticulous and deadly security features of the labs must still live in fear, fear of being hunted down by the Sector consulate, and fear of being spotted for the freaks they are by the other humans, the 'normals', living blissfully unaware of the clandestine war that has enveloped the world around them. Fear of the 'normals', the unintended death-call for the 'abnormals', as the 'normals' never took well to anything 'abnormal'. Anything 'abonormal' ended up behind bars, prodded with needles, or dead.

Your role:

All over the world, the hunt is on for the elusive criminal mastermind, Riley, and everyone is pitching in their help, forming a world-wide network to try and stop him. In the background of the otherwise quiet daily routine, there have also been hushed murmurs about mysterious creatures, powerful things that are not quite pokemon, and not quiet human, yet no one seems to know what they are. Whether you're a budding amateur investigator, visiting friends in Veilstone, a professional inspector following a thin lead to the same city, a trainer just passing through, a canon, a wild pokemon, a creature of questionable origins, or even the great Arceus himself, no one can be prepared for what comes next. The only thing you know is that you need to be in Veilstone, for there is something...'abnormal'...approaching....

*incoming message for pokemorphs only*
....don't have much time.....if friends...stay....hidden......the ........kil....................................... .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ............
only a faint GPS marking on the message is detectable. Veilstone..........

Rules/what to expect:
  1. This plot for everyone; morphs, trainers, coordinators, breeders, other humans, shinies, wild pokemon, fakemon, legendaries, canons, etc, so please don't discriminate against any. My only exception is Giratina, it's mine!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Normal PE2K rules apply (no god-modding, bunnying, etc.) NPC characters will be named as they are created but it may be up to the rper to create a minor character now and then.
  3. I may get a bit scientific-ish now and then, plus have a lot of info on pokemon. If you get confused feel free to ask me for an explanation or search it on Bulbapedia. Unova pokemon are allowed, but this first part predates the discovery of the Unova region so please try not to mention it until a latter time.
  4. I don't go with most of the game's mechanics, namely the four-move cap, no-dodge thing, and anything else that wouldn't make much sense in real life, and I think most people will think the same.
  5. This will have some non-pokemon weaponry and stuff, as well as some mild violence and gore.
  6. Since this is during the school year I understand it'll take a long time between responses, but I'll give an approximation of when I'll respond next. Please try and inform everyone if you want to stop rping or if your response will take a while.
  7. I seem to have an aura that repels literate rpers for some reason...I speak like an illiterate in ooc but am literate when bic, don't worry.
  8. This plot is quite involved, which I hope is okay for most. The major region featured in part 1 will be Hoenn, as well as all pokemon up to fourth gen, but if there's an Unova/fifth gen trainer out there they are still welcome.
  9. It's perfectly fine if you have more than one character, or wish to start out with one and bring in more characters as you get accustomed to the plot. I personally will have over twenty characters (seriously) near the end of part 4 if anyone still sticks around for that long.
  10. Though this plot is actually very long-term, I've split it into parts so that people can drop out after one part or chose to continue if they wish, but please stay till at least the end of one part. At the end of the part, I may or may not host a new SU thread, depending on the number of people still willing to continue.
  11. Pokemorphs are lab-made and refugees in the human world. There is one lab per region, except for the Unova region. Pokemorphs from the same lab will often recognize each other and may form groups/societies for protection.
  12. Though I have experience rping, this is my first time attempting this on pokemon 2000, please be patient with me.

(I do not own any of the pictures other than my avatar. Advice is still appreciated if you're not interested in joining!)

Current cast:
Callisto, Julien and Riley (from Oracion)
Cody Moon and Sara (from Max)
Erik Marx, Aria Rals and Zen Kyles (from Sylver)
Janet and Jenny Pearson (from Whimsicott)
Zac Storm (from Pokemon of Destruction)
"See the lost souls in my eyes.
Hear the silence in my heart.
Feel the darkness in my soul..."

PS, avatar is my original work!

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