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Default Re: sammy0295 | Mountain | Vaporeon

[Vapor] Vaporeon (F)
Ability: Water Absorb
Health: 92
Energy: 87
Brine~Brine~Poke Ball

Lucario (M)
Ability: Steadfast
Health: 75
Energy: 91
Status: Drowsy (sleep in two actions)
Calm Mind~Aura Sphere~Metal Sound

Lucario settles his mind; he’s against a Special Attacker with good Special Defense. He knows this will require a level head. He enters a meditative state, which in his drowsy state is much easier than it normally would be. He can feel the ebb and flow of his own energy, the channels through which it passes, and through this awareness gains significantly better control over it, allowing him to strengthen his attacks and absorb them much more easily. Vaporeon, oblivious to the inner workings of Lucario’s mind, sucks in a deep breath and lets loose a blast of water. Unlike her previous attack, this water is heavily salted, designed to capitalize on the enemy’s wounds. Lucario, though, doesn’t have many wounds. While the attack deals some damage, it isn’t nearly as powerful as it could be.

Lucario can feel himself drifting off already, but before he can fall completely out he has time to get one more attack. He digs his heels into the ground and draws his hands back, focusing his energy into a sphere between his palms. In a quick movement he shoves his hand forward, the sphere of energy instantly condensing to become visible and highly charged. It surges forward and hits Vapor in the chest sending her flying through the air, letting out a cry that, due to the acoustics of the mountains, echoes dramatically. A smirk on his face, Lucario drops to one knee, and allows himself to fall into a deep slumber.

Vaporeon stands, glaring at Lucario, and opens her mouth, unleashing another torrent of salty brine. It hits him in the face and sends him sliding backwards, still snoozing peacefully, across the ground. You take a Pokeball offered by the Ranger, and throw, catching Lucario on the side of the head. The ball pops open and absorbs Lucario inside with a flash of red light, and snaps shut. It shakes ever so slightly, but more or less gives the muted ding of success without much of a fight.

[Vapor] Vaporeon (F)
Ability: Water Absorb
Health: 81
Energy: 77

Lucario (M)
Ability: Steadfast
Health: 57
Energy: 79
Status: Captured!

Lucario uses Calm Mind. Costs 4 energy. SpAtt and SpDef+1
Vaporeon uses Brine. Deals 9 damage. Costs 5 energy.
Lucario uses Aura Sphere. Deals 11 damage. Costs 8 energy.
Lucario falls asleep.
Vaporeon uses Brine. Deals 9 damage. Costs 5 energy. Lucario remains asleep.
Sammy throws a Poke Ball! The capture roll was 8, where anything less than 46 would result in a capture. Capture Success!

You continue your trek through the mountains, climbing a short ways higher before reaching a large cavern opening. It practically screams “Wild Pokemon Here,” so you edge forward to check it out, when a loud roar sounds from inside. A dark hand appears along the side, and out floats…

A Wild HYDREIGON appeared!
[ F | Levitate ]

Have fun with that.

You have 25 Safari Points remaining.
What will you do?
>Attack (1 Point)
>Use Item (1 Point)
>Flee (2 Points)
> Leave Safari Zone (All Points)

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