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Default Re: Foxamivalth | Sea | Electivire


[-] Electivire (M)
Ability: Motor Drive
Health: 87%
Energy: 95%
Discharge ~ Ball


[-] Frillish (F)
Ability: Water Absorb
Health: 81%
Energy: 74%
BubbleBeam ~ Rain Dance

Electivire narrowed his eyes at the little jellyfish, who was swimming around like the little freaking mermaid or some garbage. Electivire would have none of it. He rubbed his wires together, gathering up power, and then pointed the tips of both wires out of the boat and right at Frillish. Frillish shrieked in pain as the electricity wracked her body once more.
[Discharge: Electivire, -5% Energy; Frillish, -19% HP]

Frillish was ready for her comeuppance. She began blowing several large bubbles, filling the water with little spherical air pockets. After there was a sufficient amount of bubbles, she slammed her front fins together. The shockwave sent the bubbles right out of the water. Electivire bellowed in surprise, staggering backward, as the bubbles popped against his face, stinging madly. However, the pain w
[BubbleBeam: Electivire, -7% Energy; Frillish, -7% Energy]

Foxamivalth decided that it was time to reel in his catch. The Ranger offered him a Pokeball as was required; Foxamivalth held it in his hand to avoid losing it in the ocean. Frillish was consumed by the red beam; in the palm of Foxamivalth's hand, the Pokeball wobbled a couple of times before letting out a ping.
Congrats; Frillish is yours!


[-] Electivire (M)
Ability: Motor Drive
Health: 80%
Energy: 90%


A wild Gorebyss appeared!

[-] Gorebyss (F)
Ability: Swift Swim

What will you do?

> Attack, Use Item, Throw Ball (1 Safari Point each)
> Flee (2 Safari Points)
> Exit Safari Zone (30 Safari Points)

You have 27 Safari Points remaining.
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