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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

Vanessa Garrick
Dark, Master

The chaos was beautiful.

All around her, the world writhed in pain. The ground shook and splintered beneath her feet. Wind raced around her in befuddled gusts, blowing her long raven hair in every direction. Yet despite every vain attempt to set Vanessa off balance, she stood tall with a vicious grin upon her fair face. Above her, the sky darkened to a tone even blacker than night—lacking even the faintest light from the smallest of stars. Where the sun or the moon out to be, instead smoldered an ominous red orb that radiated power Vanessa couldn’t even begin to describe. Perhaps power was too great, for the world could not seem to contain it. Slowly, it was destroying itself.

Vanessa took in a deep breath, and gave a contented sigh. Today had proved to have been quite fruitful. Admittedly, she might have gone a bit too far with this world—but with the knowledge she had gained, it had been worth it. She now turned her attention to the weapon she held in her hand, examining it with satisfaction.

Leviathan had undergone a fascinating transformation. Where once it had been colored with shades of blue, the keyblade was now entirely pitch-black. The tip curled around a glowing light almost akin to the orb glowing overhead.

“Perfect,” Vanessa’s grin slid into a dangerous smile as she twirled the blade experimentally. “Though I have to admit—Leviathan isn’t all that fitting any more. Now what could I name you? How about… ‘Hope’s Destruction’?” The Master laughed as if she had thought of a clever irony. “That will do just fine—and I have you to thank for, my dear…”

Her later words were directed to a duo of crumpled forms lying at her feet—one with the pale, young face of a girl no older than fifteen. She appeared to be peacefully asleep, blissfully oblivious to the churning destruction around her. Vanessa’s smile faded to a frown the longer she gazed at the girl. Unfortunately, she was one little mystery that remained unexplained. Why she was still here, Vanessa couldn’t guess. But either way, she could prove to be a bit of a nuisance. When they were done here, she would have to dispose of the girl.

The figure next to the girl suddenly moaned, raising his head.

Vanessa scowled distastefully. Ugh, talk about nuisances.

The young man glanced around his surroundings bleary-eyed, but seemed unable to take it all in at once. He moved his gaze from the girl beside him, to the senseless destruction around him. Slowly, realization dawned on him. He jerked his attention back to Vanessa, his expression a mix of horror and hatred. “What have you done?” he demanded, recoiling.

“A simple experimentation, which yielded fantastic results,” Vanessa’s charismatic smile returned to her face. “But unfortunately, the subjects seem beyond redemption. Too bad.”

Shakily, the other keyblade bearer climbed to his feet. “You have a sick mind, Vanessa. I’ll see to it that you get locked away for good.”

“Excuse me?” Vanessa mimicked hurt. “A sick mind? Ouch! That’s just rude. I prefer the term, ‘gifted’.”

The young man neither laughed nor said anything in reply. Hardening his expression, he summoned his weapon in a brilliant flash of light. Unexpectedly, the ground bucked beneath him, nearly knocking him off balance. Seconds later, a burst of wind buffeted him.

Vanessa laughed, her bell-tone voice belying the cruelty beneath it. Placing her hand on her hip, she tilted her head at her foe. “Looks like you’re running out of time—therefore, out of choices. Either you escape with little Embry here, or you try to fight me. Either way, this world is going to fade into the darkness, and I’m going to get my way.”

He scowled, but let his eyes drift to the world around him for a brief moment. Vanessa found pleasure in the uncertainty that crossed his expression.

“Better make your decision quickly, boy,” she twirled Hope’s Destruction. “I don’t think this place will last much longer. And, you know, I have somewhere else I’d rather be, as beautiful as all this is.”

For another moment of hesitance, the young man fought within himself. What was the wise thing to do? What was the right? Vanessa waited patiently, pretty sure that she knew the answer. Perhaps this would be her easiest escape yet—but on the other hand, it’d be too bad that she wouldn’t get the opportunity to try out—

Suddenly, the young keyblade bearer lunged. Vanessa hated to admit it, but she had been caught off guard. Still, she easily deflected his blow, her face contorted in rage. How dare he? That was low! Especially for the little goodie-two-sho—

“Stopga!” he yelled, raising his keyblade in a spell.

Before she could deflect the magic, Vanessa felt her body stiffen up. Time fell to a standstill around her, and the Dark Master was frozen in place with an expression of envious surprise.

The young man lowered his weapon, exhausted by this last effort. However, another rumble from the earth below him reminded him that he didn’t have much time left. The world looked ready to break apart—and his spell wouldn’t last too long, especially on someone as powerful as Vanessa. Stumbling over to the still form of the young Apprentice Embry, he searched for their one ticket home: the book. Finding it tucked in her belt, the keyblade wielder pulled her arm around the girl and dragged her over to Vanessa’s statue-like figure.

“Hang on, Embry,” he muttered as he looped both his arm and her arm around Vanessa’s. With his single free hand, he flipped the book open and touched the pages. Instantly, the trio was transported away, seconds before the darkness finally closed in…


Rush Peterson
Light, Recruit
Everlastia, Great Hall, Classroom 15B

For the umpteenth time that hour, Rush glanced at the clock in anticipation. Praise be to Arceus, class was almost over. But these last few minutes seemed to drag into eternity. The blonde-haired fifteen-year-old tried to be as patient as possible, but he had unconsciously fallen into an old habit. Beneath his wooden desk, his foot tapped to a rapid rhythm that subtly reverberated off the white marble floors. Though his neighbors casted him annoyed glances every once in a while, the teacher seemed utterly oblivious to the boy’s impatience. The old man continued to blab on about who knows what, dragging out every word as if trying to keep his hostages as long as possible.

It’s not like Rush was deliberately ignoring him. He never came into this class with the intention of being rude. It’s just that… well, he had heard it all before. After five years of being in the Guild, he still had the lowly rank of Recruit. So many of his friends had moved on to becoming Apprentices and learned new things; meanwhile, he had been forced to retake classes—as if he was some kind of failure. Maybe the Elders thought that he hadn’t really “soaked in” everything the Guild had to offer, but Rush sure knew all the technical aspects of by heart. Even now he could close his eyes and speak along with the teacher—maybe even mention a few things the Master left out.

“Now the keyblade may be passed on by this method, but true inheritance will not happen until the subject shows true strength of heart,” the teacher was saying, pointing to a symbol drawn on the chalkboard. “But what shows the true measure of a heart? Well, that’s a question for the ages, one that we shall discuss in tomorrow’s lecture. For now, we shall explore how it is that true keyblade bearers are identified.”

Just like school at home, Rush ruefully smiled to himself. Sometimes, being in the Guild felt so surreal. It was a whole new world to him, with warriors and magicians walking the halls, but in certain ways, it wasn’t too different from where he came from. He eyed the clock hanging above the door again. Like the technology back home, it had a simple face with numbers all round the boarder, and nondescript hands pointing at 12:12. In three minutes, a bell would trill to announce lunch hour, just like home. Rush couldn’t help but feel a pang of homesickness suddenly.

“The Awakening is a Dive into the Heart,” continued the teacher. “Every wielder of the keyblade will experience this occurrence at some point in their life. Some describe it as a bizarre dream, with stained glass platforms that reflect the nature of their heart. Each symbol painted into its surface hold great significance to the heart’s owner. Connections, histories, and more… Many of you might have experienced it this way, but all of you might not be able to remember what you saw. But whatever may have happened there, you were brought face to face with yourselves. That was when you were first being examined for your worthiness… Now, many of tried, but very few managed to find their way back into this Station of Awakening—”

Just in the nick of time, the bell interrupted the last of his sentence. As one, the students sat up and gave a collective sigh of relief. The teacher blinked, seeming startled. Quickly, his eyes darted to the clock, and he stared at it as if he had been utterly unaware of the passing of time.

“Pity,” he frowned. “Well, we will continue where we left off tomorrow. Class dis—”

Again, Rush didn’t have the pleasure to hear his teacher actually finish a sentence. The boy rocketed out of the classroom before anything could detain him longer.

Outside, the halls were rapidly filling with life as Rush’s fellow student flowed from various other rooms. Most were Recruits like himself, stuck with basic studies until a Master would choose them to be an Apprentice. As he waded through the crowd, Rush caught fleeting glimpses of their faces—usually belonging to someone younger than his age of fifteen. Usually, he made a point to ignore them; he would rather not have reminders of how he was one of the oldest Recruits on campus.

Some of the crowd chose to linger in the halls, gathering in close-knit groups to chatter their lunch break away. Yet more chose as Rush did to filter their way out of the Great Hall—towards the cafeteria for some grub. Stomach growling up a storm, Rush ignored the beautiful, gothic architecture that led him from the classroom hall right into the grand entrance to the castle. The ceiling arched high overhead, with sophisticated angles and arches that hinted at an era long gone in Rush’s old world. It was fascinating how well the Keyblade Guild implemented century old ways of life with newfound technology. This made it easy for students of all background to adjust to life here.

Kind of.

Rush tore through vast entrance room and quickly pushed his way out the old oak doors into the lush courtyard of the Guild. Other buildings were arranged around the circular lawn. To his left, he could see the spires of the Male living quarters rising up to greet the cloudless skies. The girls dorms laid directly across from them, looking similar in design, but admittedly Rush had never dared to enter those halls (it was against the merciless rules). Directly across from where he now stood, the strong walls of the Library waited, just behind the great Tree of Blessings.

Rush stopped abruptly. A crowd of unusual size was gathered around the trunk of the Tree, staring up or pointing at the giant’s glowing boughs. The boy frowned, immediately intrigued. It wasn’t uncommon for people to hang around the Tree during lunch time, but this particular group seemed stirred about something or other. And more people were joining them all the time. Forgetting his hunger for a moment, the boy went to investigate.

Making his way across the courtyard, he moved up the right side of the tree. The sight on the other side seemed to send an electrical jolt through him.

The Tree of Blessings had always been an unusual sight for him. Its bark gleamed like silver, and its leaves glowed with a brilliant white light. But what he saw now deeply disturbed him. Now, a portion of those miraculous leaves simmered with darkness…

Blacker than night…


(And thus we begin... I didn't include Celeste in this post, cuz... Well, I didn't want to murder y'all with uber long posts xD)

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