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Default Re: ASB Announcements

Hello Trainers! Can you believe it's already Autumn? Well, as usual, we're all working in hard in the back room to ensure that ASB is fun and stays that way! We've got an update for you all, so pay attention. All updates go into effect immediately:

1) Double, Triple, Rotation and Multi Battles are now official battle formats! As a result, "How to Battle" has been re-written for your viewing pleasure. Everybody should read it!

2) The Safari Zone... blew up. I blew it up, actually. It has been completely rewritten from top to bottom, so make sure you read those rules before applying for another Adventure! Changes have been made in order to make the Safari Zone a little fairer, and a little more exciting.

3) Some attacks and abilities have been balanced in order for a fairer game for all.

When this Pokémon leaves the PokéBall: if opponent's DEF > opponent's SPDEF, then this Pokémon +1 ATK. Otherwise, +1 SPATK.

If this Pokémon is inflicted with a status ailment,this Pokémon +1 ATK. If this Pokémon is BRN, this Pokémon does not recieve a reduction in the ATK stat.

When this Pokémon's HP is 50 or less, ATK and SPATK are both multiplied by .5.

Flower Gift
If the weather is sunny, this Pokémon's allies +1 ATK and +1 SPDEF.

If this Pokémon moves directly after the target does, damage dealt by this Pokémon's action is multiplied by 1.3.

When this Pokémon makes contact with another Pokémon, roll 1-10. If 1, the other Pokémon will flinch next action.

Circle Throw and Dragon Tail
Target is sent back to party and replaced with another Pokémon from party. Fails if: no other Pokémon in party, target has Suction Cups, a Substitute in play, or target has used Ingrain.

Roar and Whirlwind
Target is sent back to party and replaced with another Pokémon from party. Fails if: no other Pokémon in party, target has Suction Cups, or target has used Ingrain.

Final Gambit
Target: Dealt X - Y damage. User: -X HP. X is the amount of HP User has +1. Y is the amount of Energy currently possessed by the target.

Super Fang
BP = target's current HP

Multi-Hit Attacks
Now all have an Energy Modifier of 3.

4) We've now developed a way for you to earn some money and prizes - introducing ASB Achievements and Bring a Friend Incentives!

Bring a Friend Incentives
After a new member finishes a battle (and does not lose by DQ), he or she is entitled to one free Pokémon of EXP level 4 or less. The individual who referred this new player is also entitled to the same benefit. To claim this, the new member must post the following in the Registration Thread:

3m0d0ll referred me to the ASB. My first completed battle is here:
Afterwards, both Pokémon choose their Pokémon and register it.

5) There's a new Referee Test and a new Ranger Test!

6) Rangers and Referees are also getting paid in a different way!
First, the Senior Referee position has been done away with. Payment has also been adjusted to take into account Double and Triple battles, as well as the increased workload of using Items for Rangers. Now, payment for ALL positions will be as follows:

$2 per action and $5 per week if any rounds were done at all

In addition, payroll PMs, as well as all test submissions will be sent to our new machine, J_A_M_E_S. PMs will be ignored otherwise.

7) Last, but damn sure not least:


I have been working on this for the better part of a year now. The old Compendium has been shut down and is now considered outdated - you'll be using this henceforth. Feel free to ask questions about it - the Referee and Ranger manual have also been changed to reflect the new calculator. Read them, as other changes have been made to them.

Finally, I'd like to use this post to award Sabiare Ryu $200 for writing the rulesets for Double, Multi, Rotation, and Triple Battles.
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