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Default Sun teams are good too

Ninetails@focus sash

Ability: Drought
Nature: Modest
255 Speed 255 Special Attack
-Nasty Plot
-Hidden Power[Fighting]

This is Offensive Ninetails. Toxic comes in handy to poison bulky water switch-ins as well as various other threats. HP fighting lets me take on Tyranitar and Heatran fairly well provided I have a substitute up. Flamethrower is the obligatory STAB move of choice because of its PP and accuracy.

Donphan@ Leftovers

Abillity: Sturdy
Nature: Adamant
255 Attack 100 defense 155 Special defense
-Stealth Rock
-Rapid Spin
-Seed Bomb

This would be my Offensive Rapid spinner. I chose donphan over forretress, because in the sun, donphan's water weakness becomes neutral. The defensive boosts allow donphan time to either setup rocks, or spin them. The only problem would be grass types, and i have numerous pokemon i can switch too just in case.

Infernape@Choice Scarf

Ability: Iron Fist
Nature: Adamant
255 Attack 255 Speed
-Flare Blitz
-Stone Edge
-Mach Punch

This Is my first Physical Sweeper. His speed when boosted by the scarf, makes him fast enough to beat out most of his enemies, especially DD users. the only real threat to infernape would be Hydreigon, who when scarfed reaches 489, as opposed to infernapes 478. Flare Blitz seems like a bad idea, however, i wanted a pure physical sweeper; While the mixed pokemon might be better, i prefer max attack.

Sawsbuck@Chople Berry

Ability: Chlorophyll
Nature: Adamant
255 Attack 255 Speed
-Jump Kick
-Horn Leech
-Nature Power
Sawsbuck is my one and only Chlorophyll Sweeper. This is because he is not weak to psychic types, like venosaur, and has a moveset that covers its weaknesses, unlike leavanny. I use megahorn for those pesky psychic types who attack infernape, which can also cover tyranitar as well, because of its weakness to bug. Horn Leech also comes in handy, against rain teams, or sand teams, as it affects rock types water types, and ground types. Jump kick will cover dark types, such as scrafty, and steel types, such as jirachi or heatran. an extra assurance, and a surprise to many, is nature power, which when used in the sun unleashes an Earthquake. very surprising, and very devastating.


Nature: Adamant
255 Attack 255 Speed
-Dragon Dance
-Dragon claw
Dragonite is very powerful sweeper, using its 407 attack, i can DD once under the protection of multiscale, and at times defeat anywhere from 2-5 pokemon at a time. The Dragon claw will use Stab to harm anything against him, while thunderpunch after DD will 1HKO any water type. Earthquake is used to kill off any pokemon that may resist the other two attacks, and can usually 2HKO a pokemon, depending on the type.

Heatran@Air Balloon

Ability: Flash Fire
Nature: Modest
255 Sp. Attack 255 Speed
-Earth Power
-Hidden Power[Ice]
With Flash fire, this guy has protected my team more times than i can count. Heatran is able to use earth powe to destroy enemy heatran, while they deal with the balloon./ the HP ice is used to deal with dragons ansd gliscors, who are both not very effective towards him. Flamethrower, is the best move he can have that has great accuracy, and ancientpower. ancientpower is something ppl have told me is stupid, or weird. And truthfully, it is why i have won any match i have ever won. it can defeat volcarona, any flying type, and any bugs. it will also give a boost at random times. this boost will turn heatran from a 2 pokemon sweeper, to a 5 pokemon sweeper.


While kingdra is not the only rain team pokemon that i have difficulty with, it is fast enough that i am unable to completely defend myseelf against it. It defeats dragonite, and can use water attacks to beat heatran, donphan, and infernape. ninetails, with focus sash, is usualy able to toxic it, but at the cost of no longer activating sun.

He would not normally be a threat, however, in weather battles that i lose, he will easily devastate my entire team. Excadrill is very strong with sand rush, and while i can usually win if i use my sashed ninetails, it isnt normalloy available when excadrill is too strong to be stopped, in sandstorm.

Will add more as they come/i remember.

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