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Default Re: The Move Tutor [Opening Discount!]

Pokemon you wish to teach the Move: Psychophagus the Cofragigus
Move you wish to teach: Hypnosis
Reasons which support your Pokemon
learning the chosen move:

Pokedex entry (Pokemon White):They pretend to be elaborate coffins to teach lessons to grave robbers. Their bodies are covered in pure gold.

Cofagrigus is a sarcophagus Pokemon that lives in a Pyramid where mummified corpses of Egyptian Kings are placed. To protect the tomb, Cofagrigus disguises himself as a sarcophagus around the other Sarcophaguses there and look after the tomb. If he senses grave robbers, he will appear and attract them. Cofagrigus will then mummify the grave robbers with his ability. The bandage binds them tight so that they can't move. Cofagrigus will brighten his red eyes and let out a mesmerizing wave just like Gengar, to make them sleep and send them to the jail. Cofagrigus must learn Hypnosis to give the grave robbers a nightmare to make sure they won't come anymore.

Banner by Pokemon Trainer Sarah

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