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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

Pat Carlile
Dorms-> 1st Period

Pat was happy. Completely content. He was listening to music, and he was thinking about Will. It was totally harmless, unless you count holding hands in the sunlight as a cardinal sin. This was his big chance. But then, he needed to step up and take it. He wasn't very good with relationships, he admitted to himself, but he had the feeling he'd have a good chance this time. They'd only met once since their first meeting in the hall, and that was at the pokemon center.

"Hey, Pat!" Pat was sitting in the corner, and had just finished sending a R-Comm message to his parents.

"Hey, there Will." Answered Pat, meeting him halfway across the room and leading them back to where Pat had originally sat.

"So, how's things?" asked Pat, looking intently at Will's face, examining every little perfect detail, from his eyes to his slightly acne'd and puffy cheeks.

They'd talked about everything from missing home to their favorite pokemon, and stayed in the center until late that night.

He was pulled out of his daydream by an announcement. "All students should report to their first Period immediately."

He redid his tie and then headed out the door. He expected to see Will there, but he must have already been in class. Mr. Higgins was a great teacher, but he was also very strict.

"Sit down, or you all have dentention!" was the first thing he heard when he walked in the door. He did see Will, and sat behind him as quickly as he could

OOC 1: Will is Will Harkness. I do plan on an SU for him
OOC2: Mr. Higgins is an "I see what you did there" Moment. Higgins is a family name.
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