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Default Re: Speed of Light challenged

Originally Posted by Grassy_Aggron View Post

I know that black holes emit radiation when they form (not sure if they do it when they are completely formed and stable)...Sure, it could be that it's not strong enough to keep the radiation in at that moment as it's still a "baby", but if it is actually emitting radiation when it's an "adult"...

Well, wouldn't that be going faster than light then? It'd have to be in order to escape.

...I'm only reciting what I've read about and learned from Discovery Channel XD Stars fascinate me (but not as much as weather) XP So it's highly likely I'm wrong. If I recall right, it's a Gamma Ray Burst that the newly formed black hole shoots off ^^'
Not... quite. To explain Hawking radiation properly you'd have to learn about vacuum energy, imaginary particles, and negative matter. So it's probably best if I just tell you that the radiation is actually coming from the black hole. Suffice it to say that all of physics that we know of adheres to the speed of light.

Gamma ray bursts are the result of the death of the largest stars, yes, and those tend to make black holes.

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