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Default Re: BW Question and Answer Thread

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EDIT: Now that Sturdy's been improved as an ability I'd take over Weak Armour anyway. Skarmory has plenty of speed boosting moves at its disposal. And you can get Drill Peck and Roost on Skarmory is you breed it on a 4th generation game (for Drill Peck) and use the 4th generation technical machine to teach it Roost. Weak Armour takes away from Skarmory's best stat...
Yea, Iv already got a sturdy defensive skarmory that i imported from my SS game. I also want to make a swords dance sweeping one just for fun, and im not too high on using SD and agility in the same set (thus requiring two turns to set up). I guess ill forget about roost then, and use another offensive attack like rock slide or something.
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