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Talking Re: Ruby/Sapphire Game Discussion

Originally Posted by Kai15
Hi, i'm new

my name's robin and i've got a burning question
since that faq topic is closed i decided to post it here

How the heck do you get past the cracks in the sky pillar

if you get on the second floor you start on the right
and passing the first crack stuff on the right is easy

the second crack stuff all below is easy to

but how do you get over the left pieces of crack

you see

you need 3 walking/bike tiles to get over 2-4 cracks

and the only place where that's possible is al the way to the most left crack line
but there's an unsmashable rock there and if yoi go to the right you will immediatly drop
same if you take the other 3 crack lines vertically
sow how do i get past them
i reaalllllllyyy want that lvl 70 dragon thing badly
so i need to get past it

please respond to this quickly


I trie, I trie but never find... a way to get Rayquaza!
And I never encountered any Shinys and I have about 120:00 hours of play!
Never any rare events and Now I am thinking it is something wrong with my game!