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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

Pho Shizzle
Outside of Dorms---> 1st Class: Mr. Higgins

"Oh, I did?" Pho asked, confused. "Well I'm sorry, I just get lost sometimes." He laughed at himself for forgetting such an obvious thing. "Oh, well then I guess we have time to make it. Did the announcements really go off? I didn't hear them, and usually they're loud. I wonder why. Maybe the PA system is broken..." Then he noticed that he was alone. He looked around and noticed that Miche was walking away from him. "Oh wait, I'm sorry!" He called, running after her. How did she get so far so fast?

Bean squealed in fright as he ran, but he couldn't catch up to Miche before she disappeare dinside the building. "Oh, that was stupid of me. I have to make it up to her somehow, being forgetful and tripping her. Do you really think she could beat Lap?" Bean cooed something and rocked back and forth on his head. "I suppose you're right. Oh well, we can talk in Mr. Higgin's class!" He headed down the hall, oblivious to the stares he got as people saw a Weedle on his head. When he got outside the classroom he grabbed Bean and stuffed him in his jacket. "Alright, don't make any noise, will you? Don't need people freaking out."

He walked into the class and immediately saw Miche. He waved and grabbed a textbook, going to sit down in front of her. "Soory for babbling on like that," he said without preamble, "you probably don't like babblers. Anyways I hope you're an awesome battler; it'd be great to see Cam in action." Then he noticed the conspicuous absence of her injuries. "Oh you did heal yourself! I'm so glad!"
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