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Default Re: New Trainers Association - Open

Originally Posted by UnknownX View Post
what is a good fire type pokemon? need it against ice/steel types :(
you can consider a fighting type because it can beat stell and ice, but that depends on which stell type your talking about.
Have you started building a team? id like you to send me some info on what you have so far.

Originally Posted by Slade View Post
Well, good fire types, such as physical ones, are infernape and arcanine. i prefer arcanine as a sort of suicide attacker, with flare blitz, wild charge, close combat and extremespeed, and the item as choice band. for special attackers, and more bulk, heatran is very good, especially with flash fire.
tran is great on your team for that reason, hows the rmt coming ? almost finished?

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