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Default Re: New Trainers Association - Open

Originally Posted by Slade View Post
Hiya Bumblebee and Unknown, and also, Shadow, if thats ok, i can post my RMT, in the official section if you tell me where it is.
awesome man heres alink. when its done just post the link.

Originally Posted by White Knight View Post
Name: White Knight
Timezone and time I'm free: EST (GMT-4 right now, GMT-5 technically) and whenever you see me on.
Tier I wish to learn: 5th gen OU/UU
Experince Level (have battled before) : None trololol
About Me: I've crept around the forum for a while now, but I never got into competitive battling. I'm really lazy, so PO>Wifi. :D
Wifi/PO: PO.

Don't shoot me for not having Wifi, I broke my DS. /fail
Welcome white knight!
im glad to see coming to learn competitive battlling. This thread will be the place where you can come and post whenever you want with questions about pokemon movesets or which pokemon would fit well with your team

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