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Default Re: Individual RP: ChainReaction01

(OOC: Dual'd take that fgt b***h DOWN)

Dual raised his arms and braced them in front of his face, protecting it from the incoming attack. The twin streams of coldness washed over him, wrapping around his sleek physique. Seeing as I was temporarily inhabiting Dual's body with him, I could kind of feel whatever he did, but kind of spiritually as opposed to physically. A sense of absolute cold washed over my mind, and Dual's mouth grimaced at the feeling. He was quick to retaliate, though. Electrical sparks began crawling around both of his arms, causing the two Froslass to doubt whom he was firing at.

Suddenly, all the electricity flew over to his left hand, and he thrust it forwards. The yellow stream crashed into Froslass on the left and it curled around the Ghost-type, sinking into its muscles and paralyzing it. It screeched as it went down, collapsing into a huddle on the floor. Through some stroke of luck, Dual had targeted the real one! He turned to the fake, which began trying to back away. A thin crescent of black energy extended outwards from his blade, which suddenly expanded to five times its normal width. The substitute began fleeing backwards faster, but the Gallade swung his arm towards it and the Night Slash streaked towards the Ghost, slamming into it and knocking it into a wall. It disappeared with a pop and a small puff of white smoke.

The Froslass was still spasming on the ground, so I decided to do a more thorough check on Sasha. The Medicham was still sitting on the ground, leaning against the barrier. She was breathing heavily, but aside from that and some bruises she seemed perfectly fine. All those reinforcement techniques had probably exhausted her stamina something fierce. I'd return her to a PokeBall if she had one, but for now she'd just have to rest like that. Dual could heal her once he was finished with the battle.

I felt Dual ping me through our link, requesting commands. I watched through his eyes as the Froslass shook and wailed, the electricity dancing across her body and rendering her unable to move. For the first time, I felt a slight pang of pity for the Wild Pokemon.

Alright, let's end this, I said to Dual. Get close and put her out of her misery with a Hypnosis. Be wary of any last-minute tricks, though.

As Dual began to walk towards the writhing Ghost-type, I felt Ivy stir. She sat upright and pulled my cloak tighter around her - she looked much better. The Froslass had probably lost the energy required to keep her mind prisoner or something. Haji moved closer to her, winding against her side and eventually settling against her back. His tail curled protectively around her side as he continued to stare straight through the ice barrier. That was probably where my attention should be too.

I looked back through the link and I saw that Dual was standing right over the Froslass. He reached down slowly with his arm, and I could feel his intention to gently lift the Froslass' chin so that their eyes could meet. Blue rings would dance around the Gallade's eyes in a mesmerising pattern, willing the Froslass to sleep.

I broke the link before I could see the result. I had to get a PokeBall in there to capture the Froslass or else this entire battle would have been wasted. Fortunately, I knew exactly what to do. I'd been practicing this just before coming out on this run, coincidentally. I pulled a Super Ball out of my bag and held it in-between my palms. I would have liked to watch Dual and see whether or not the Froslass fell asleep but this would require all of my concentration. Sweat broke out on my forehead and I began to tremble, but slowly the gifted power rose inside of me. A light blue glow began emanating from between my fingers. I gritted my teeth and with a final push, a blue flare of light erupted from between my hands. Dual sent a quick ping to inform me that he'd received the ball and was about to attempt the capture.

I collapsed onto my backside, panting heavily. Despite this, I grinned - I'd successfully managed to teleport the Super Ball! Now all I could do was hope that Dual captured the Froslass. I could have opened up the link to watch, but I was just too tired. I'd have to wait for him to let me know what happened.
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