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Default THE SAFARI ZONE [a basic guide - READ]

You walk up to a small computer screen. On it you see a graphic of two rangers, the text touch to begin. Tapping the screen it flashes on.

The Zone Guide:
Hello trainer. We would like to welcome you to the Safari Zone. We found this piece of land with such a vast diverse environment. This would be the perfect place. We built up what was missing and slowly integrated all Pokémon species into the Zone. Now we made this wonderful place for trainers to come and interact with all those many species.
This guide will introduce you to the Zone and how it works. After reading this, you can enter the zone here.
I - Points:
The first thing we will review is points. At the beginning of your adventure you will receive 30 points. We do this to limit your time on the adventure. Each action you do will cost you a certain amount of points, we will review actions later. When you run out of points your adventure will end. Points are a rather easy concept so we will move on.
Attack, Use Item – 1 Point
Flee – 2 Point

II - Actions:
Here are the actions you can perform in the safari zone.
i - Pokémon:
Remember the Pokémon action before? Whelp, that action has now left us with our new update. So as of now, you automatically move on to a Pokémon after you start your adventure, then every time you finish a fight. So no more telling your ranger where to take you because the rangers take you themselves now. So this now costs 0 points.

ii - Attack:
The attack option is still there. You have to attack the Pokémon in order to weaken it for a proper capture. One action costs one point.

iii - Use Item:
Using an item costs one point. Items can be bought and learned about here. But for a summary you get a certain amount of weight you can carry and that is the items you can bring along. Capture is also included in this, but that will be discussed later.

iv -Stringing Commands:
You are also allowed to string commands together, as seen in the Exhibition post. However, your string will end once you throw a Ball. For reference purposes, in this case, one "round" is still two actions.

v - Flee:
Flee is self-explanatory. Fleeing cost two points, and automatically sends you to your next Pokémon.

vi - Leave the Zone:
Leave the Zone is also self-explanatory. Choosing this option automatically ends your safari zone adventure.
III - Areas:
Now when you enter the safari zone there a large number of areas in which you can travel in. Different species live in specific areas, so choose the one that has all your favorites. The pamphlet is available here.

IV - Capture:
Capture is now different. You know have different options for capture. You can use different types of Pokéballs for a better capture rate. You can buy different Pokéballs in the store. However, the standard safari-ball is free and unlimited inside your safari zone.

V - Eggs:
A new addition to the zone, you can now find eggs in the zone. However the only way to make sure that the egg can be cared for is to have the incubator, which can be bought in the store. If you don’t have an incubator you will not be able to keep the egg. Your egg will hatch at the end of the Adventure.

VI - Items:
Items are new. You can use items that heal you, increase your chance of capture, and others. You can learn about items here.
The items can be bought in stock, but the items you bring on your adventure must be stated at the beginning of the adventure and can not exceed the weight-limit of your bag.
If you are having trouble understanding all of these concepts be sure to check the exhibition here.
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