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Default Re: Moonkit--Oshawott--Forest

Round 2


Ability: Torrent
Health: 29
Energy: 50

Safari Zone

Furret (M)
Ability: Keen Eye
Health: 89
Energy: 97
Status: Def-1

You draw a PokéBall from your pouch and toss it towards the creature, hoping for success...


[AoiAki] Oshawott (M)
Ability: Torrent
Health: 46
Energy: 60

Safari Zone

Furret (M)
Ability: Keen Eye
Health: 100
Energy: 100

CAPTURED! (rolled 33, where anything over 65 would have failed)

Renovating has begun! You are now to register your captured Pokémon. You have also been refunded $7 as a fraction of what it normally costs to come in. See you when renovation is complete!
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