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Default Re: Individual RP: ChainReaction01

(OOC: Finally! This was a fun post to write ^^)

I wasn't happy about the situation I found myself in. Sasha was cut off from me, and that meant the Froslass could have her way with the Fighting-type. If Dual had been the one battling, I could watch through his eyes, but I didn't have that link with Sasha. At least, not yet.

I heard some unhappy screeches, and assumed that it was the Froslass. Maybe I'd been lucky and Sasha had been able to erect a temporary shield using her Psychic abilities. whatever had happened, the Froslass was seriously pissed off. Thankfully, Haji began relaying the battle to me. He was watching the flow of auras through the ice. I couldn't pick up on the colours - it was almost like I was trying to watch a television show on a colour spectrum right on the edge of my vision - but it was plain to see that the Froslass was trying her best to get to Sasha. After a couple tries, she gave up and instead retreated behind a pillar. Sasha dropped to her knees and began to pant - she was at the end of her stamina. Despite all her reinforced attributes, she could only fight for so long before becoming overwhelmed.

I watched in horror as the Froslass duplicated itself behind a pillar. Unfortunately, my inexperience in this viewing style meant that I couldn't tell which one was the real one, but it didn't matter. Attacks coming from either of them would hurt for real.

As if the Ghost could read my mind (which, according to Haji it no longer could) small gray particles began to gather around their mouths. I knew this could be the end of Sasha - the trick with the Fake Tears from earlier had dangerously lowered her special defense, and without the Light Screen to protect herself she was basically a sitting Ducklett. I had to get her out of there, and now. It was time to put my plan into action.

I quickly checked in with Sasha's mental state, and I was relieved to find that she was mostly back to normal. Whether she had calmed herself down or simply no longer had the energy to be rageful, I did not know, and at that particular moment I did not care. I was simply glad that she finally had her anger under control.

Are you ready, Dual? I asked him. That Frost Breath is going to sting like a b***h.

Dual flexed his arm muscles and stared intently into the ice barrier. <Bring it on.>

I reached out to Sasha, connecting my mind to hers. You've done fantastically, Sasha, I said to her, above and beyond what I could ever have dreamed of. But it's time for you to hand over control of this battle to someone else. Sasha, use Baton Pass!

I didn't hear Sasha reply, but I saw it. A small red light winked on, barely visible through the ice barrier. It grew in size and intensity until it was like a spotlight being shone at us. Dual walked over to the wall of ice and placed his hand almost gently on the cool material. There was a sudden red flash, and Sasha appeared in Dual's place, slumped against the wall. I looked her over with a practiced eye - she was just tired. The Medicham would make a complete recovery.

Suddenly, there was a crash. The entire cave system shook and I could hear the very sound of air being pushed aside by raw power. I looked through Dual's eyes, and I saw small fragments of ice rise into the air around him unbidden. The Froslass appeared surprised by the change in Pokemon, but she continued forwards nonetheless. Big mistake. I finally understood the reason Dual had taken Sasha as an apprentice. It was because together, they were close to the perfect team. Sasha could set up all kinds of reinforcement techniques, and then pass them to Dual, resulting in one of the greatest singularities the National Park had ever seen. I grinned ruefully as I realised this was probably the Gallade's next step in his ongoing rivalry with the local Kyogre.

Dual flexed his arm experimentally, miming a punch towards the Froslass. A blast of air shot off from the fake punch, flying straight inbetween the two Ghosts and punching a basketball-sized hole in the pillar behind them. I could feel Dual grin as he reveled in the power that had been handed to him. Using this, we could truly defeat the Froslass.

Alright buddy, stand strong and take that attack like the warrior I know you are, I encouraged him. Then, we'll need to find which of these is the real one. Fire off a Thunder Wave - if it affects the Froslass, then it's the real one and if it doesn't it's the fake. Once that's done, hit the fake with a nice hard Night Slash!

I could see Dual's field of vision bob and I realised that he had nodded. I grinned as I watched the Froslass approach - the Icy-type had no idea of the pain that was coming its way. I wasn't sure that a Palkia would have wanted to mess with the Gallade at that point in time.
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