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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

Lyla Emony
1st Class: Mr.Higgins

Lyla had been in the hallways as she watched students come up and down the hallways of Realix. She had helped a good number of new students to their classes by telling them which way to go from here and other various tips to navigate them in the right direction. She saw a few familiar faces go into Mr.Higgins' classroom and she couldn't wait to go back in. Soon the hallways were starting to get less crowded. At this point most students were well on their way, and it was the first day of school so no one could really be given any consequences for being tardy to class. Lyla decided to head back into class since as there weren't as much students in the hallways.

"Hey Lyla, still looking for more newcomers?" Ryan called to Lyla with a red face. Lyla quickly turned back to Ryan and responded,"Oh hell Ryan. I'm glad to see we have a class together. And yeah I'm just here helping the way I like to. We should probably go back inside to the class," she said in a pleasant tone. Hmmm...why is it that Ryan blushes when he is around me? Could he have a crush on me? Well he seems like good guy, and he is quite handsome. Lyla then noticed herself a bit shaky and nervous at her thoughts. But do I feel the same?

Well that answers that, I do like him. Lyla then walked back inside of the classroom. She quickly sat down in her seat with Perry next to her and Justin behind her. "Well we shall wait a few more minutes to make sure everyone gets here and then class will begin, so for the time being just socialize," Mr.Higgins bluntly explained. Lyla took a deep breath to calm herself down and she took out her R-Comm, plugged in her headphones and listened to her old song that she had wrote. She then began daydreaming about the being on stage at the Grand Festival, holding the Grand Festival Cup.
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