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Default Cheerful Cherubi's Spriting Emporium!

Approved by Pokemon Trainer Sarah

Welcome to the newly reopened sprite shop of me, Phibb2! Please address me as Kyle, though!

Here are my rules:
-I will accept no workers. Sorry.
-2 requests per person. If your requests have not been completed, do not request more.
-Do not bother me if your sprite has been done or not. I live a busy life.
-Please don't criticize my sprites. Constructive criticism is helpful. Don't tear me down.
-Please use semi-proper language (none of that 1337 crap).

Here are my examples:

Here is my base form:
Type of Request:
Flags: (Tell me the flag you want used)
Recolor: (Tell me the new Pokemon colors you want)
Fusions: (Tell me the Pokemon (1-3) you want fused with the base)
Infernos: (Tell me the row and column the pallate is in, unless it's a type inferno)
Revamps: (Tell me the sprite to revamp)
Devamps: (Tell me the generation to devamp to)
Edits: (Tell me what to edit. I can add and remove parts)
Maps: (Tell me, the best you can, what you want where)
Eggs: (Tell me the stage (or you can have all) that you want)
Trainers/ Pokemorphs: (Tell me the trainer sprite to use, as well as what colors go where. Please supply the sprite.)
Glows: (Tell me the colors to use)
Silhouettes: (Tell me the fill color)
The rest are assumed.

You can expect requests to take less than 3 days to be completed.

Request away!!
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