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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

Celty and Shinra
Dorms(Outside)->1st Class: Mr. Higgins

Celty was almost somewhat surprised when the guy backed up and stopped to explain and then introduce himself. She was even more surprised when Lyla turned down his help while Shinra quickly pocketed the R-Comm number in his lab coat, he'd enter it in his later, and the forward the number to Celty shortly after. After seeing him shot down, Celty gave him one of those "Sorry about that..." smiles and went to tapping away at her phone again after waving goodbye to Lyla. Sorry, what Lyla says goes here. It kinda was her idea... Anyway, sorry about snapping, but you don't exactly give off that "I'm friendly, like me!" fact it's kinda the exact opposite... I'm Celty Sturluson, nice to meet you, I guess? XD She held out the message for Max to see before Shinra nodded.

"Yeah, tough luck there, sorry. I'm Shinra Kishitani, by the way. I guess we'll be seeing each other aro--" Shinra was cut off by the class announcement, and waved to Max with a slight smile. "Well, we're heading to Mr. Higgins now, see you around." He offered before steering Celty around and heading towards the class. "...You know, I still don't like him too much, but he seems to be trying to be good after that incident Lyla mentioned...I say we keep an eye on him."

Ditto and agreed. Celty flashed back at him after a moment. Shinra looked up to read and forgot to pay attention to the world around him, were it not for Celty picking up the slack, he would have run into the door to Mr. Higgins class. She pulled the phone back and typed out something else before walking up to Mr. Higgins and smiling before holding it out. Hi Mr. Higgins, it's nice to see you again. :) Do you still have my whiteboard? She asked, and the teacher nodded, going to dig through his desk a moment before handing Celty a whiteboard and plain black marker.

"There you go Celty, now please go get a textbook and take a seat." He told her. Celty nodded, heading over and grabbing a textbook for both her and Shinra before taking a seat perfectly centered in front of the whiteboard in the fron row, Shinra taking the seat beside her, and she noticed another student sitting next to her. And so the school year had now really started.

Outside dorms->1st Class: Mr. Higgins

The boy went through all the friendly motions she was used to, even calling her name pretty and not asking to shorten it...something she found incredibly odd. He then introduced his trouble-causing Weedle and went so far as to introduce himself again, was he...nervous? "You told me your name already, Pho." She said flatly before indicating the Gardevoir behind her. "My Gardevoir is Cam." Mentioned Gardeoir responded with a polite curtsey and then nearly jumped as the announcement for class went out across the intercom.

Pho quickly tried to convince her to allow him to patch her up, but Michelle shook her head. He then apologized for making her late, even though the announcement had just gone off, and then offered to let her win in class, something that actually sparked emotion within her. "Cam can fix me when I get in class, I don't need help. We're not late--the announcement just went off. And for the record, I don't need you to throw the match for me to beat you." The last part came out rather coldly, she didn't appreciate offers to lose battles on purpose--how were supposed to get stronger if a match was thrown? She shook her head and began walking away towards Mr. Higgins class.

Upon entering, she took one look at the board, grabbed a textbook, and took a seat in the fifth row's fifth seat without a word. Finally seated and situated, she glanced up at her Gardevoir. "Could you use a quick healing wish on my knees?" She asked, the Gardevoir nodded.

/Of course, Michelle./ Her mental voice was warm and loving as she tended to the gir;'s scarped knees and hands.

"Thank you very much, Cam, now why don't you take a rest?" She asked quietly, drawing her Gardevoir into her pokeball and turning her attention towards the class.

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