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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

((You guys are so fast x_x ))

Pho Shizzle
Between dorms and grounds

Pho whined a little in his throat as the girl shot down his offers for help. However, she did introduce herself as Michelle Toya. "Michelle Toya?" He repeated, feeling the movements his mouth made to reproduce the name. "That's a very pretty name you have! Not hitting on you or anything, it really is nice. My name is Pho Shizzle~!" He would have stuck his hand out, but he had an inkling that she would not accept it. A voice in his head told him that he had already introduced himself, but he needed to make sure.

Bean squeaked and gently headbutted his cheek. "Oh, I'm sorry! And this troublemaker here is Bean!" He held Bean out for her to see. He "Weeeee"d happily and wagged his body. With his arms stretched out Pho saw the face of his watch and realized what time it was. "Oh my Arceus we're going to be late for class! I'm sorry for making you late! We're near Mr. Higgins now but please pleeeaaaseee let me patch you up! I feel bad for tripping you and making you late! I'll even let you beat me in class if you want!"

((Persistent Pho is persistent. And since he has no social interaction to speak of he had no clue as to who Michelle is.))
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