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(OOC: lol this one got away on me...)


They continued on, and sometimes Ivy felt like she had to force her feet not to drag. Chainy's support helped, but she was just really tired for some reason she couldn't grasp. Seeing the Articuno had brightened her spirits a little, knowing they had the support of the Legendary Pokémon. She couldn't shake the drained feeling though, and it made her wonder if the Froslass was somehow sapping her energy.

Chainy made a noise like he was going to say something, but then he went quiet. He turned to look at something behind them, and when she turned to look too, she froze in her tracks.

She recognized the blue-tinted deer behind them, even if it was only from pictures and rumors. It had yellow lightning bolt protrusions on it, with white tuffs of hair on its sleek body. Its gaze sent chills down her spine. Cobalion, one of the Musketeer Pokémon.

It was said that this creature once fought the humans to save the other Pokémon, and for a heart-stopping moment she wondered if he was here to do the same. The thought prevented her from moving. As a Ranger and a Trainer, she didn't want to fight the Legend, but she couldn't just leave the Froslass alone either. She was endangering the others.

Her breath was short as Chainy said something to it through the mind. She felt the brush of energy surge through the air. Whatever it was, Cobalion nodded, and then it stepped toward her. Ivy's eyes went wide as it approached, not being able to move. She felt her breathing speed up, and she had half a second to wonder why she was reacting so strongly. Could she be channeling the Froslass's emotions? Cobalion was rumored to make any unruly Pokémon obey from just a look. Did Froslass see this?

Before a panic attack could set it, she felt Haji against her legs, sending cooling waves through her. Then, the Cobalion was right in front of her, and she barely stayed calm as it touched its forehead to hers.

Immediately a cool wave of calm washed over her. It was different from Haji's, less personal, but reassuring all the same. The feeling washed through her entire body, and she felt it especially soothing her mind. Then, something snapped, like picking a tick off, and her shoulders relaxed. Her eyes even closed, she was so at peace.

“She troubles you no more, for now,” a voice said inside her mind. It wasn't Haji, so the only one it could be was the Legendary Pokémon. She believed him; she felt much better. “Gather your strength. You will need it.”

She agreed. Froslass was a challenge they hadn't had in a long time. In a way, Pokémon acting out were much more dangerous than people. While humans were more in number and could cause more damage at a faster rate, the things Pokémon could do ran deeper and had more meanings. She knew how to deal with people. There wasn't really a safe place they could lock Pokémon away in unless they were captured.

Imagines flashed across Ivy's mind as she felt her energy being restored, ones she thought were from that time of fighting. She saw enslaved Pokémon, not like how they were partners today, and she saw the wicked people that abused them. It wasn't all awful though, as Cobalion showed her those compassionate people too, knowing that there were both good and bad of both species. Both of them could live in peace if troublemakers were stopped. In order to restore harmony to Oktori, they had to stop Froslass.

The images stopped as Cobalion stepped back, and Ivy opened her eyes. “Thank you,” she said, and the blue deer nodded. She felt lighter now, like some heavy weight had been lifted from her. She saw differently now too. There had to be a reason the Froslass was doing this, and she wanted to know what it was before they just tried to take care of her.

Before the Legend could leave, she quietly spoke up again, asking it a question. “Do you think... I could take a picture?” She retrieved the device from her cargos, showing it the camera. She wanted to remember the events on this mountain. She wouldn't forget what she learned.


“Ooooh, can we go by the Butterfree exhibit dad?” Chain asked. “I just love when they tickle my nose.”
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