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Default New Trainers Association - Open

This Association will be your first real step on your journey to becoming a competitive battler. Have you been looking for more experienced battling? Want to learn how to build a competitive team? If so, this is the place for you.
The Association has been created to help the future competitive battlers of PE2K. Every member of the association can post freely with ANY question they have.
The Association will have a staff that will be available to respond to your question and give you suggestions.

Things to know about the Association:
.This is not a battling clan. Although, there will be a lot of opportunities for battles and, eventually, a tourney.
.The Associations goal is to help train anyone who is willing learn and has the time.
.There will be several opinions on what move sets, pokemon and natures are best for your teams. It is up to you to use this information and make the choice on there own.
(Maybe even experiment with each idea for your own play style?)
.The Association is meant to be a team, the members are encouraged to help each other out.
.There will be chances for members to get Pokemon to help them reach a goal. Wifi access is needed.

How do can you join?
.First, pick your tier.
  • 4th Generation Ubers
  • 4th Generation OU
  • 4th Generation UU
  • 5th Generation Ubers
  • 5th Generation OU
  • 5th Generation UU
  • 5th Generation NU
.Next fill out the sign up
Timezone and time I'm free:
Tier I wish to learn :
Experince Level (have battled before) :
About Me:
. Check out Gofres Links
.Current 5th Gen Tier list
.A Competitive Guide
.How to Write a RMT


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