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Default Re: Team StormRiders [PG-13] [Chapter 35: The Enigmatic Princess; Eon Returns!]

Originally Posted by Michelle8936 View Post
...You know, I read this chapter earlier. I have no idea why I didn't comment on it, but considering I've been staying up pretty late recently, it may just be the fact that it was one in the morning and I wanted to get to bed XD

Anyways, nicely done. I didn't see any typos (not that I would remember if I had XD), and it should be interesting to see how this fight will go considering how much more powerful Rye's gotten. commented on it now? xD It's the thought that counts. Besides, the bed is always comfier. *nods*

That's good. I was a little sloppy with my proof-reading this time because I wanted to get it up xD, but it looks like you didn't find anything at least. Maybe Kris'll spot the typos everyone else might have missed. x3

I'm excited for the upcoming battle, too. Having to fight your father sure can't be easy, although it might make it somewhat easier if he's a homicidal maniac.

Originally Posted by Lusankya View Post
Yes, you are sooooo quick at updating :p
WELL EXCUSE ME FOR HAVING A LIFE. And when was the last time you ever got 35 chapters up in a story, eeehh, mister? Yeah, I thought so. xP

Originally Posted by Grassy_Aggron View Post
Eon...Don't you know amnesia never works? XD

I'm concerned for Lani. If the Hunters' claws are filled with Shadow Poison, that would mean Lani was infected with it...Unless she bled out enough to get rid of it. Things could get quite messy :/ And if this isn't the case, well, I'm sure Dash or someone in the story will explain why ^^'

Rye is awesome. Virok sucks.

Skye: Forcing someone to accept another element...For shame. Nothing good ever comes from force; his defeat from greed was inevitable. Rye and Zanna, you have my entire support.

...We both liked reading it :D Although, Virok has a decent point - using both light and darkness would make Zanna a force to be reckoned with, but...It could kill her, she could lose control...There's just way too much at stake to risk her.

Besides, they have Rye now. Two halves of the coin <3
I'm not sure if what Eon has could be called "amnesia", but I'll leave it at that for now. Me no likey spoilers. xD

Yup, Rakai is one bad nuisance. Despite that fact, I actually love his character. xD I need to write backstory's on all the characters, I think. They deserve their own section, because I just don't have enough room in the story to explain it all. Maybe only a single post or so, or bits at a time, but it would definitely be interesting. :O OH. And then I could link them to the first post! Yays! But yes, I wonder how Lani will go. She always seems to get hurt. xD Poor thing.

*Raises hand* I think Rye is awesome, too. 8D He doesn't deserve all the bad he gets. Why doesn't Jarre get any of this karma stuff? D8 He should be overloaded with it!

Jarre: Because I'm awesome.


Jarre: ... OW.

Yeah. A huge power is one thing, but when combined with another, the results could be devastating. Especially because one is light and the other is dark, they'd probably just bash each other to see who comes out on top. And if Zanna is the vessel that carries all these powers, she could get ripped to shreds. X.x BAD VIROK.

Rye wouldn't let anything bad happen to Zanna. I'm convinced he would beat up his father long before he'd let that happen. xD

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