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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

Lyla Emony
Dorm House Grounds-1st Class: Mr.Higgins

"You must have missed earlier when Shinra answered the one kid's question about pokemon strength on the island. He told the kid he was sure something here could probably hold up to his standards, but whether he had to sneak into restricted areas or not might factor into that. We've been hearing about it and I'm worried, so is Shinra. Unless Shinra has suddenly made plans or dislikes the idea, you can count us in," Celty responded through her phone like device. Lyla nodded at Celty then looked towards Shinra as he respnded,"We've heard, and it's starting to bother me. If this phenomena keeps going on without the teachers doing anything, we'll be in big trouble. This place could turn turn into a disaster zone, and I really do dislike that idea. I have no care for how dangerous or legal it is--never have, never will, I suppose. Count us in.".

"Thank you guys so very much. I'll tell you the rest of the details later," Lyla stated. She then pulled out a slip of paper that contained her R-Comm number on it and gave it to Shinra. "Here you go, I will send you a message with the details so we can all meet up," Lyla said discretely. She then saw the same student who had been involved with that fight earlier approach her, Celty and Shinra.

"Pardon me, Lyla, but could I get your R-Comm number? I am thinking that it would do some good to have a veteran student help 'show me the way' to my 'classes'." he said putting emphasis on certain words, which made Lyla uncomfortably suspicious. Lyla could tell that Shinra and Celty didn't trust him as soon as he began talking. Before Lyla could respond Celty held up her phone with a message to the boy, you could tell that Celty was indeed agitated. "And why is it that you need Miss Lyla's R-Comm number for that? I'm sure you can meet up at classes if it is absolutely imperative for her to walk you to your classes." Shinra said with a tone of disapproval.

"Celty and Shinra do have good points, you can ask anyone for help. And if I remember correctly you are the one young man who engaged in a violent confrontation with another student. I don't really like you as a person because of that and I only give my R-Comm to friends," Lyla responded annoyed. This kid doesn't seem like someone I should trust, Celty and Shinra seem to think so as well. Besides the way he said what he said, is what really makes him distrustful. I definitely need to keep my distance from him... She then heard him apologize for the way he came off as suspicious, but Lyla still didn't trust him. "I know you just want to help but your a new student and I will not risk you getting into trouble or danger. So I have to say no, you cannot come along. And honestly I still don't trust you," Lyla stated. Lyla then looked at her R-Comm and checked the time, classes were about to start in a few minutes. She then quickly placed it back in her black hand bag and then said,"Classes are about to started. I am going to go ahead and drop my stuff of at Mr.Higgins class and wait in the hallways to help students on their way," Lyla explained as she left into the halls of the Academy.

She used the backdoor to enter that was right across from the Dorm Houses, she went into the first classroom on the left side of the hall. It was room 105, Pokemon Basic Battling. Inside stood Mr.Higgins, a short, stubby and tubby old man. He wore a long sleeved shirt with a Pikachu tie, and a pair of black slacks with nice black dress shoes. "Good Morning, Mr.Higgins," Lyla said politley to the professor.

"Good morning Miss Emony. Your here early I see. Grab a Pokemon Battle Basics textbook and put it on your desk. I'm going to write that on the board so the students who walk in will grab one," he explained to Lyla. She then walked to the big book shelf on the left side of the classroom. It was a white walled and hard wood flooring. It had all types of battling tips on posters on the walls of the classroom, in the center were five rows of desks with five in each row. Same old Higgins classroom

Lyla put her textbook on the fifth row third seat and went out into the hallways awaiting for the students to come in and ask for help if the needed it. "All students now must go to their first period classes at this time," Headmaster Lance said via the intercom which reached to all school buildings.

Justin Metrix and Perry Roberts

Justin was reading poetry while Perry was just sitting on his bed doing nothing, when the Headmaster's announcement came on. "Well looks like it's time for us to start our fist class!" Perry exclaimed. He grabbed his backpack and awaited for Justin to be ready.

Justin grabbed his small binder and walked off out of the Dorm House. Perry quickly following his tracks trying to not to lose him. Perry followed Justin into the Academy and down the hall. Justin saw Lyla in front of Mr.Higgins classroom helping the new students with which way to go. Justin then saw only one book in there, so it had to be Lyla's since she was the only there yet. Justin took the seat behind Lyla, and Perry the one next to hers.

OOC: We all have the same first class. Sorry if the Justin and Perry post was rushed but I just want to hurry and get everyone to their classes.
Credit to Lynchy Pokemon lives forever!

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