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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

Maximillian Marx
Dorm Junction

Max had to admit he was pleasantly surprised that not everyone in this academy so far was an idiot or had no real boldness. He was hardly expecting a phone to be shoved into his face containing text in a reply. Smiling gently instead, he felt Tora's form spark for a moment as he picked the electric mouse up.

"Tora, drop the electricity. They're not enemies." He addressed his pokemon firmly, but with a soft undertone as the Raichu scurried up to its usual position on the back of his head, balanced well and leaning slightly forward on his head for support. "I apologize for giving you a bad first impression. I only meant that I know of what she was planning and while I will not go and reveal anything, I merely came to express my interest in joining her on the investigation. I personally could care less about the subject, but I can't stand by when students may disappear during the year. Count me in, in one way or another, for the investigation. I was thinking that it would be nice to keep track of any allies and friends I may get to help." He spoke in the same strong voice as before, though lowered slightly in tone. "Oh, and my name is Maximillian Marx, but please, call me Max. So, would you mind if I joined you?" He added with a soft smile, rubbing the cheek of his Raichu, a small squeal of happiness emitting from the gently 'mon.
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