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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

OOC: Well, I was going to wait for Chibi to reply, but apparently you people like posting twenty billion times...

Celty and Shinra

Celty's whole body shook with a silent laugh at Lyla's invitation for exploration and the girl's apparent worry over it being possibly dangerous and the massive trouble they could get into if caught. She produced her phone after putting down the box of R-Comms and typed out a rapid message before holding up the screen so Lyla could see it. You must have missed earlier when Shinra answered the one kid's question about pokemon strength on the island. He told the kid he was sure something here could probably hold up to his standards, but whether he had to sneak into restricted areas or not might factor into that. We've been hearing about it and I'm worried, so is Shinra. Unless Shinra has suddenly made plans or dislikes the idea, you can count us in. Shinra smiled and shifted to rest both of his hands on her shoulders protectively.

"We've heard, and it's starting to bother me. If this phenomena keeps going on without the teachers doing anything, we'll be in big trouble. This place could turn turn into a disaster zone, and I really do dislike that idea. I have no care for how dangerous or legal it is--never have, never will, I suppose. Count us in." He told Lyla with a grin, but as another student approached, Celty lowered her phone and cleared the message. She was sure Lyla would have finished reading it at this point anyway.

When the boy spoke, both Celty and Shinra decided they immediately distrusted him. There was no hiding the odd stress on certain phrases and the smug air the boy gave off, he was either up to something or he was making a rather inappropriate suggestion to Lyla. Before Shinra could stop her, Celty had tapped out another message and stopped just short of unceramoniously shoving the phone in the boy's face. I'm sure you have a map and other students will be out in the hallways to direct you when class starts. Shinra could tell she was agitated, and he didn't like the guy all that much either, but he really didn't like the looks of the guy, either.

"And why is it that you need Miss Lyla's R-Comm number for that? I'm sure you can meet up at classes if it is absolutely imperative for her to walk you to your classes." He spoke politely, although not bothering to mask the disapproval in his voice.

OOC: Will post for Miche when Chibi replies with Pho.

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