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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

Maximillian Marx
Dorm Room 215-> Dorm Junction

Max actually stopped for a moment. He wasn't expecting a reply, let alone the name of the kid's family.

The Worthingtons... Very rich kid here... He thought, slipping the sketchbook back into his suitcase within a few seconds of receiving Royce's reply.

"Your assumption is correct; I am who you say. I must say... I wasn't expecting to meet a Worthington here. However, I must disagree with you on the topic of our living conditions. I'm sure someone of your status easily found word of the strange happenings here. Mysterious disappearances of students, robed humanoid figures roaming about and the peculiar Pokemon appearing around the area at night. I agree with the logic behind their actions regarding the recent happenings. If students were to be placed in single rooms, the likelihood of a student vanishing without a sound would be high." He replied is a calm, rational voice before standing, waking Tora, and walking to the door with the Raichu in tow.

"I'm going to go out for a bit. See you later, Royce." He spoke, opening the solid oak gateway and stepping outside, closing it behind him. Walking along the hallway, he took a note of the rooms and students around him, some staring at his green-tipped locks, others grumbling silently about his already-firm popularity among some of the female students.

Descending the spiraling staircase to the ground floor, he walked out to see Lyla, the same girl who issued the warning for the fight he settled in a move, whispering to a pair of students. Settling his mind, he walked up to her, already feeling the fur on Tora's form rise in alert wariness.

"Pardon me, Lyla, but could I get your R-Comm number? I am thinking that it would do some good to have a veteran student help 'show me the way' to my 'classes'." He spoke briefly, subtly hinting that he knew her plans to investigate.
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