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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

Ryan Flynn
Dorm Room

Jamie answered politely, then grabbed his pokeballs from a belt. He released two pokemon, one of which which Ryan had never seen before. One was a little brown fox who yelped affectionately, while the other red fox sat in a chair, seeming antisocial. Ryan began to pet the little brown fox, who was sitting in the other boy's arms. He looked up, then realized what he was doing. Ryan looked into the other boy's eyes, twitched, then moved away, realizing how awkward the confrontation was.

Blushing just a bit, he grabbed his other Pokeballs as well. He threw them in the air, letting his Pokemon breath. One was a little bug pokemon, who buzzed around the room anxiously. "That's Cick. I apologize for his behavior, he's a bit hyper." Cick buzzed around the boy's head, bouncing around. The other Pokemon was a red and yellow fox, who sat on Ryan's bed. "This is Burst. He used to be a little Eevee like yours!" Ryan said, scratching the fire type's ears as it fell asleep.

"Nice to meet you." Ryan walked over to the window, grabbing his computer as he did so. Setting it down, he walked back to his bed. Ryan then picked up all the balls, returning all of his Pokemon to their balls. "So, you wanna go look around campus? I'm not sure if I exactly know my way yet. I'd also like your RComm, if you don't think that's too weird. He blushed again, then turned away. "I have GOT to learn how to talk to people."

"God that was awkward." he thought. He seemed nice, but what if he wasn't like Ryan? That would be bad...

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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