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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

Jamie O'Connor
Dorm 201

Jamie looked up as the door slowly crept open. Another new student walked in, with a large mushroom pokemon following suit. Jamie got up from his chair and progressed towards the new student with his Miltank following him.

"Hi, I'm Ryan, and this is Brio. What's your name?" Ryan said, pointing towards his pokemon Breloom.

"Hello, I'm Jamie, and this Miltank. I don't really call Pokemon by a nickname, just never appealed to me. I hope you don't mind that I took the bed by the window, we could change if you want?" Jamie asked Ryan.

"Hmmm, he seems a really nice guy. I would feel for the student who is dorms with Perry Roberts.

Jamie turned his back and grabbed two more Pokeballs from his belt and threw them into the air. A bright white flash illuminated and then two small Pokemon appeared on the floor of the dorm. One immediately leapped into Jamie's arms, greeting him with tons of licks.

"Calm down Eevee, it's nice to meet you two"

The other Pokemon simply smiled before jumping onto Jamie's desk chair and curling up. Growlithe was quite a character, she didn't like to interact much and loved her personal space. She was like a drama queen some time.

"Hopefully our Pokemon can get along" Jamie said to Ryan.

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