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*pulls Nazo off Aggranium* There's some who just don't comprehend their own size, huh? ^^'

Holly: *jumps on Aggranium's back* Hi, hi, hi! I wasn't here. Where were you at? Torin let me listen to his headphones. I watched movies and stuff too. Did you know that Exeggutor could have a theme song? *starts singing "I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts"*

Chip: Leave it to Holly to be the most random around here. *giggles*

Stryk: Oh really? So there won't be anymore trigger-happy, short-fuse temper then?

Helio: Says the leaves calling the grass green. B)

*snorts* B'

Cyclo, huh? Yeah, I saw him. He better watch who he's calling a chick. >.>

Torin: Guard, you know there's an international sign for hello, right? *waves*

Oh leave him be.

Uhh...sure, Lucky. Grounded. Something like that. XD
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