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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

Royce Worthington
Dormitories -> Room 215

As Royce just finished unpacking and scooped Cinccino up in his arms another student appeared in the door way with a Raichu close behind

"Hmmm, slim, well toned, somewhat muscly and a casual outfit. Black hair with green tips, slightly older and a wealthy background. I think we'll get along just fine" Royce though to himself. If there was one thing Royce was good at it was acertaining a persons finacial background no matter how they looked.

"Room's nice. Looks like they're pairing students up in dorms. I guess that means we're stuck together for the time being." exclaimed the young man
"My name's Maximillian Marx. I'm your roomate for now.I'll take the north side of the room" the boy went and sat on his bed and began sketching his Riachu, somewhat wary of Emery who had begun exploring again.

This young man was blunt and to the point. Something that Royce admired in people.

"Pleasure to meet you Maxmillion. The names Royce Worthington, of the Kanto Worthingtons and am I right to assume that you are of the wealthy Marx family in Fuscia. I have an eye for acertaining peoples backgrounds you see. Dont worry about Emery, he's curious but has respect, he wont go through your things. Well that should just about do it for introductions then" Royce finished "Shame we dont get our own rooms, Arceus knows people like you and I deserve it but at least we didnt get stuck with any of the others I suppose" he exclaimed and went over to his desk and began tapping away hit laptop.
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