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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 15: The Povinal Incident

I was at the bridge-on it, really-when a horrid thought came to my realization. Where were the Pokemon that the guards sent out? The calls were mingled, and the few I did hear were of Pokemon that didn't exist in my vast knowledge of the creatures that were Pokemon. They were probably too big to fit through the hole I made, and they probably didn't have anything that could break through the gate-but what about around it?

I turned my back, and saw some seriously odd weather patterns. For all residents of Ocepulid, this will at last explain why there was such wierd weather that day.

The sky, originally a crisp, nice blue, nearly cloudless, was now filled to the brim with ominous clouds, high-speed winds, massive bolts of thunder, and a torrent of rain that would put waterfalls to shame. To make the seconds-long change even stranger, two figures were hovering on a cloud of sorts, just over the gate.

Oh, and two other figures were standing at the entrance to the Turbulence Bridge. Those two figures were easily seen, despite the weather being so terrible all of a sudden. Iris, with a lack of a nasty bruise on her face, and Storm, cloathes bloodsoaked from me craking his ribcage but otherwise totally fine, were standing there, completely spared from the downpour by some minor Volteer trick.

They were unconsious and wounded the last time I checked it. They now seemed to be in perfect condition, as though I had done nothing but irritated them.

That was when I learned the first universal law of combat: Once they're down, make sure they can't get back up.

<"Avalon, Issac! A thunderstorm is one thing, but the Calypso's going to be torn to peices with all that! Get out of there, and find a better LZ!"> Mario said.

Then the second universal rule came to me: You don't have to win, you just have to survive.

"You won't be getting away, anytime soon!" Yelled Storm, managing it over the gale. "We'll make sure of it!" He added, drawing his rapier and pointing it at my heart.

They were about thirty or fourty yards away, so I knew they were breaking out the real big guns: Volteer powers.

Then the two figures who were hovering on their clouds above the gate moved so swiftly to get between us that I swore they teleported.

Two humanoid figures, who's lower body was obstructed by a cloud that was more than likely part of their bodies. They had their tails curve around their sides. Oh, and they were looking at me meanacingly, arms crossed, gazes unwavering, growling slightly. The arms were far larger than my torso, and they were just taller than me.

The one on the left was blue, with purple hurricane symbols dotted here and there, with a tail of spikes, obviously charged with energy, and it's white hair-looking things were shaped in a curvy ponytail. The yellow eyes were as sharp as lightning, and it wasn't in a good mood, from the looks of it. The purple horns just above it's face looked equally sharp

The one on the right was green, and although sporting the same purple typhoon patterns on it's body, the tail it had was more like something an artist would draw if he was descripting a strong gust of wind. It's hair had a kind of cloud-like property to it, but it too had yellow, piercing eyes and purple horns that both looked sharp enough to cut through the steel bridge we were on.

The steel bridge we were on?

I looked down, and sure as hell, a grid of metal was all that kept us from falling into a railroad track, and the trains roars were only subdued by the thunder and wind.

The one on the left is Thundurus, and the one on the right is Tornaldus! They're making the storm! Tornaldus controls the wind, and Thundurus controls the lightning, and neither of their powers can be stopped by Volteerisim! make Thundurus touch Tornaldus with it's tail while it's charging up an attack to hurt Tornalus, and Vice-versa!

That whole thought came mach-speed through my head, and I decided to listen. As I formulated a quick scheme to do some cheep damage, a noticable spiral of wind was formulating around Tornaldus, in time with a roar from Thundurus that totally kept Issac's focus on the latter. Thundurus itself-no, himself-was also too foucused to notice an attack of my own. A large section of the metal grid suddenly lept up and forcibly knocked Thundurus over to Tornaldus, and my mental corrections proved accurate again, as Thundurus was caught up in the whirlwind the instant one of it's arms came into contact with Tornaldus.

"Brother, I'm in you're gale! Sto-"

Thundurus'es plead came too late, as Tornaldus shot the largest object at us both-which was Thundurus. Tornaldus was the only one suprised-Iris seemed to be totally pissed off that I did such a cruel trick, Storm simply seemed further annoyed by my crafty nature, and after ducking under our man-projectile, Issac laughed over it.

"Hah! Can't get you're attacks straight, can you?!" Issac mocked, taking a shot at Thundurus with his sniper rifle.

Every last lightning bolt stopped mid-strike when Thundurus was hit straight between the eyes, and Issac couldn't have been in a better mood that his totally random bullet, without much aim whatsoever, landed so perfectly. I was quite disgusted at Issac's luck, and felt like slapping him. For some reason, I failed to like the loss of this foe, even a little.

Latries looked a little curious at the dead corpse of the Pokemon that died from Issac's shot, and he seemed to remeber something about him.


Latries barely mouthed it, and in the now-amplified gale I was suprised there was a hit at all. I turned my attention to Tornaldus, who had every last inch of focus right up in my face-literally. I could have gotten impaled by the wind-controller's horns had he decided to headbutt me right now.

"YOU!!!!! BY ARCEUS'ES GOOD NAME, YOU WILL DIE NOW!!!!!" A highly angry Tornaldus yelled straight in my face, his saliva indistinguishable from the water that was already pelting us all.

He has a glass jaw.

Without any warning, I suddenly did an uppercut, hitting him squarely in the jaw and using my Paradox Lightning in the process, making my fist look like a red thunderbolt. To be frank, Tornaldus didn't see it coming. He also was shot, like his cousin, but this time, it was far from a kill shot, having nailed him in his cloud-like lower body. He cringed even further from the blow, and with some satisfaction, he fainted, the storm's harsh winds subsiding...To an extent.

Storm's PokeBall immediatly recalled the living brother, and he seemed quite angry at the both of us for getting rid of such a critical advantage so easily it was barely a challenge.

Then the rain turned to hail. With my telekinesis and Issac's kinetic control, we blocked out the falling projectiles, which were roughly the size of soda cans. Storm took the brief opportunity to lunge, covering a massive distance in short time.

I brought out the Illicit Blessing again, and fused it quickly with the Starblazer, finding the power I felt within the resulting combination better than having the two apart.

Storm's lunge was hit on the flat part of the Illicit Blessing, allowing me to slightly alter Storm's position by moving the Illicit upwards, making storm fumble in the slightest.

Then came a flurry of strikes, counters, parrys, lunges, Volteer moves, basically everything a Volteer would use. All around us, lightining resumed it's mighty blows to land and sky, the wind was hurling dust and derbis everywhere, and the rain and hail kept hammering down, the two of us still noticing enough to stop it from hitting our bodies. Around us, the forests were taking a beating, some trees that had been rooted to the cliffside for centuries had came undone with a mudslide, there would have been forest fires from the lightning strikes had not every other element of mother nature been acting against it, and the brige itself swayed slightly, despite strong and sturdy roots to every last point on the ground it could get. Quite frankly, it was chaos all around us, and the only thing that wasn't chaotic was the ironicly stable bridge, and even then, an onlooker from afar that couldn't tell we were swordfighting would wonder why two people were on the bridge in the middle of all that.

Then, at last, came a blow. A nasty lacreation was left where Storm snuck past my defenses, leaving a scar on my shoulder, making me reel over. Then another few stabs came, tearing holes in my clothes, then storm slashed me outright, leaving a wound that would no doubt leave a scar, stretching from the left of my hip to the right cheek, and I was knocked over at last, pushed over to Issac, who was down, but still consious. Standing over him, Iris's hands and feet, both exposed to nature prior, were now Arbit-Burning. I may have wanted to warn Issac that Iris was as good with Arbitarian energy as any other Arbitarian Loyalist.

Iris...Tears were welling in her eyes, and she sniffled a little, holding back a whole ocean with a paper-mache dam as thick as a pencil. She didn't want to, but...In order to make sure that the Arbiters didn't get their hands on me (And hell knows what theyíd do to me once they did)...They'd have to eradicate me, here and now.

The view of me beside Issac must have been a pitiful one-sadly, I never saw it. True, I did get hit five times, but come on, do you think Iíd really get myself into that kind of mess that easily? If your answer to that question is yes, then think again.

I hadnít cloaked Issacís smile, which was enough to give something away to Storm. However, it didnít give away that they had been totally mistaken about my current positon, and he didn't care what that odd grin meant anyhow, starting to put down the soul-destroying sword that he owned.

I made sure I timed it. I timed it exactly as he stabbed my illusionary duplicate, and suddenly he found himself with a hole in his stomach, an Arbit-Burn starting. "No, no no, no no no, NO. I do the stabbing around here, clear?" I said, savoring the defeat of Storm so much. I liked it that he didn't even bother to notice.

A red light emitted from the belt he wore, and he didn't even touch the ground before an orange light flashed and warped him away-the Onlisk response to the Arbitarian Relic, an emergency teleportation system that would pull out commanding officers if they got too injured, but couldn't ressurect them like the Relic.

Iris was still alive, and shocked. Issac's sniper rifle-courtesy of me-was shot back into his hands, which quickly made sure that the rifle pointed at Iris's heart, and now, far from crying her heart out, she now looked like she'd rather see me bleed out, slowly and painfully.

"Why are you even doing this?!" Iris screamed at me, like the ten-year old girl she was. "There's no reason, not even a tiny one!"

"Not exactly. It's a reason you'd never accept nor understand, and even if you did, there'd still be those too stubborn to accept the facts. I'm no Arbiter-I'll grant you that simple little thing for your comfort-but I am not going to ally with the side that can't help itself!" I said, sporting a grin that said "I like it that you're suffering." I rather hated it that she had that much lust for my death. "Now excuse me, I've got a train to catch." I said, as Issac got up.

Maybe I should have telepathed him the plan while I was talking. I suddenly separated the Starblazer from the Illicit Blessing, and sheathing the latter, I cut through the metal grid beneath me, Issac and the tracks beneath us just as a train was going through them.

Iris nor Issac had any clue why I just did that, but I barely needed to explain-Thanks to a vision, I knew that falling to the train would put me and Issac through a small hatch that led downward, one conveniantly opened at the time.

My next sight, after I got over the slight shock of falling? Cages. A lot of them. And they had occupants.
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