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Default Re: Individual RP: Sequentio

The beautiful grass Pokemon, (who was once vain and pristine in its looks), was now hideously damaged from the barrage of attacks. The onslaught of Erutis’ Extreme Speed was simply too much for the paralyzed Roserade, preventing the notion of a dodge. It flung back against a tree, slamming into it with might. Though the opponent was small in frame, it rattled the tree, sending light leaves scattering over the grassy knoll.

Erutis let out an odd chirp to indicate her happiness. “Toge!”

“Yes, you did wonderfully,” Seq smiled, clapping his hands together in praise.

The Togekiss beamed brightly, joyous not only because of her master’s encouragement, but the pride she held in herself for performing such moves in a pinch. The swift wind in her wings and the well of power that consumed her hollow bones as the Aura Sphere manifested. Truly, she was one with battling again – and that was exactly where she belonged.

Though her feathers were stained with battle, she was more than willing to continue, feeling confident in her skills. Both Rebecca and Julie cheered from the side lines, uttering positive things in their own, special language.

“We’re almost done, aren’t we, Erutis?”

“Kis!” The bird replied, nodding. Her head bobbed up and down, similar to that of a chicken.

“One more Extreme Speed, rush the Roserade while it’s down – but again, don’t KO! We don’t want to be so close and loose all our work, do we?” the man chuckled. “If the Roserade’s health is 15% or below, I think I’ll be ready for a capture. We’ll see!”

Erutis nodded, as the plan was so simple, nothing could mess it up. She soared through the sky, keeping one eye on her target as she began to pick up speed.

The man who controlled the flying Pokemon smiled widely, reaching around to the bag of supplies he had carried into the Gardens. He pulled one of the expensive Hyper Balls from his bag, ready to throw the thing when the time came.

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