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@Grassy: OKAY THEN I WILL! ... *doesn't have anything to complain about at the moment* NEVERMIND!
Zach: I manage to keep him out of here, but then he just yells really freaking loud and might as well be in here anyway... u.u
Rockpaw: Maybe let him in, but mute him?
*wall disappears, runs in* ... >.<"
Tammy: *laughs at Guard*
*evil eye*
*tries to use sign language to say hi to Kris, but fails and ends up saying something like, "there's a dog in the tree that's eating my pants"*
Lucky: You mean, you try to keep everything grounded, right Chip?
*waves frantically at NES2*
Zach: I think he's trying to tell you he checked it out. INSTEAD OF WORKING ON THE FIC!!!
*starts crying* T.T
*waves frantically at Grassy and Cyclo*
Zach: I refuse to translate that (how the hell do I even understand it) until you get a chapter written.
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