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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

Jamie O'Connor
Dormitories - Dorm 201

As Jamie walked into the building, he was greeted by another student, who handed him a small device. It looked like a Pokedex merged into a phone. It was used so you could communicate with other people in Relaix. Jamie took the Realix Communicator and headed up the huge winding stairs.

Jamie reached the second floor and scanned the hallway. He saw a room with three numbers in gold pinned to the door. They read: 201. Jamie glanced down at his paper and up again, before opening the door into his dorm. It was rather spacious, and had room for two students. He placed his bag on one of the beds by the window and sat at his desk. There was an introductory letter there explaining all about life in Realix Academy.

The large cattle Pokemon looked up at Jamie with a confused look. Jamie smiled, it was completely ordinary for Pokemon to feel out of place, Jamie had it when they moved to Vermillion. It took 3 weeks for Miltank to finally settle. Hopefully it doesn't take that long.

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