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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

Sebastian Kahn
Chilly Beach

Stupid school. He'd been fine all his life without it- why now, when he was finally getting to learn so much more on his own? He could probably learn so much more from staying at home and browsing the Internet for documentaries or research papers. Instead, his oh-so-brilliant parents who simply didn't understand his brilliance just had to make him come here. How had it come to this utterly ridiculous situation? He had to endure a year (or more- he really didn't want to think of that prospect) with immature kids that couldn't understand half of what he was saying. Okay, that plan to get some money for himself with snatching Pokeballs went awry, he admitted that much. It was illegal, to be sure. But that was no reason to subject him to a so-called 'top class' school that probably had idiots running all around the place. He'd be surprised if he found a single person that could have an intelligent conversation with him.

All this musing made him unintentionally ignore the everyone leaving for the dorms. As a thirteen-year-old, he was somewhat shorter than average. Since he didn't speak a single word during the voyage in the boat (which was horrible, by the way. He could probably design better), it seemed his fellow newcomers, as well as the veteran leaders, forgot about him. Well, lucky me. Thanks to this unexpected fortune, he could explore this island as long as he wanted. It was nice that he had a map with him. Looking at the map, he started to mutter to himself.

"Let's see... Windy Valley to the south... Starstruck Mountain to the east... Dry Plains... Ancient Temple? Doesn't sound half boring to me... Heh. Looks like I'll be hanging around there for a while." With a destination set, Sebastian walked confidently, sending out his Cottonee- just in case.

Just in case...
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