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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

Maximillian Marx
Dormitories->Dorm Room 215

"The red building is the Girls Dorm House and the blue the Boys Dorm House. Girls are not allowed in the Boys Dorm and the boys are not allowed in the Girls Dorm Room. Breaking that rule could lead to expulsion, so be sure to stay with your gender's dorm. Now with your acceptance letter you have a paper that says your room number, so go find it. Have any questions ask either myself or Justin." Lyla explained to the whole group. As each student passed into the hallways, they each took one Realix Communicator. As Maximillian walked with Tora on my shoulder, he pulled out the letter of acceptance and looked at the number printed on the bottom-right part of the letter.

Room 215... He thought, walking down the blue carpet of the hallway. When he stopped at his room, he found the door already open, another student with a Cinccino in his arms. Young, cropped brunette locks and some high-society walk he had seen far to often as a younger child. A rich kid... Same background as me; different attitude, though. Max decided to walk on in carefully, Tora wary of the student.

"Room's nice. Looks like they're pairing students up in dorms. I guess that means we're stuck together for the time being." He feigned analysis. Of course they would pair up the students. Easier to monitor, less cost, and that also meant some students would have to get used to having others around. "My name's Maximillian Marx. I'm your roomate for now." He introduced himself, examining the room. Hmm... the bed's are new and well-kept, the rooms been repainted, floor's solid, and the wood is solid, not just pressed... This place does very well to be able to take care of their students like this... He analyzed.

"I'll take the north side of the room." He spoke, walking to the half farthest away from the door and setting his bag down on the bed and sitting down on it, mindful of the exploring Cinccino. Tora soon leapt onto his lap, curling up into a ball as she fell asleep soon after. Looking out one of the two windows, he saw the sun beginning to set and pulled out the R-Comm. 6:53 p.m., not nearly enough time to explore the strange concrete tile he stepped on earlier today.

Instead, he reached into his suitcase and pulled out a small, worn sketchbook, turning to an empty page and pressing a pencil to it next, using wide lines as he sketched the form of his sleeping Raichu to pass the time for a while.

(OOC: How will we keep track of time in this RP?)
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