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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

Jamie O'Connor
Chilly Beach - Relaix Academy Grounds - Path to Dorm Houses

Jamie caught up with the group just as they were about to leave the sandy beach. He merged at the back of the group and listened to the endless amount of question's being asked. In all fairness questions were to be expected by the new students, however Jamie prefered to find out the rules, rather than be told them. It adds a bit of excitment to your every day life.

They continued to walk down the windy path, with huge trees towering over the path. Jamie tried to look who was leading the new students by jumping up and down, looking over the heads of the new students. It was no use. He slowly made his way to the front, gently pushing people away. He reached near the front and saw two older looking students. They seemed to be answering questions from another student.

"Hi, my name's Ryan. What's your name?" a new student who was standing next to Jamie said.

"Hello it's a pleasure to meet you, my name's Lyla. I'm a Pokemon Coordinator. And this is my friend Justin, a Pokemon Trainer, We are Veteran Students this is our second year here," replied Lyla.

"Ahh so Justin is a Pokemon Trainer, maybe he could help me train"

After walking for a while the group of new students, and Lyla and Justin, suddenly stopped.A huge castle-like structure towered above the students, Jamie's jaw just dropped, it was like nothing he had seen in the flyers.

"Okay new students this is the amazing sight known as Realix Academy," Lyla stated. "Now that path here on the left will lead us around the Academy and behind the Academy are the Dorm House. So let's get going,"

Lyla and Justin led the group through the school towards the Dorms. After 15 minutes, they finally reached the dorms. In front of them was a three story blue building and across from it was a three story red building.

"The red building is the Girls Dorm House and the blue the Boys Dorm House. Girls are not allowed in the Boys Dorm and the boys are not allowed in the Girls Dorm Room. Breaking that rule could lead to expulsion, so be sure to stay with your gender's dorm. Now with your acceptance letter you have a paper that says your room number, so go find it. Have any questions ask either myself or Justin," Lyla said.

Jamie searched through his bag and removed a small piece of paper with some letters scribbled across it. He walked forward into the large blue building.


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