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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

Royce had been sitting in the waiting room for at least 10 minutes now and was starting to get frustrated

"For god sakes!, how long is this gonna take. I have other things to attend to" he grumbled to Emery.

He walked up to the desk "Here! give this to him when he's finished" he exclaimed as he thrust the letter at the secretary "No need to be rude young man, and I will do so" was the Secretarys response

"Good" said Royce "Come on Emery lets go find our dorm room" and they left the office

Royce and Emery found the dorms soon enough and it seemed all the other students had too as they were congregating around the fountains. Royce walked over to the group to listen

"The red building is the Girls Dorm House and the blue the Boys Dorm House. Girls are not allowed in the Boys Dorm and the boys are not allowed in the Girls Dorm Room. Breaking that rule could lead to expulsion, so be sure to stay with your gender's dorm. Now with your acceptance letter you have a paper that says your room number, so go find it. Have any questions ask either myself or Justin,"

Royce pulled out his paper "Hmm lets see, Room 215 it says Emery. Lets go then" and he picked up his pokemon and went inside to find his room. Soon enough he found it and opened the door to reveal a rather lavish room that contained pairs of all the furniture. 2 beds, 2 desks etc. "Looks like we'll be sharing then, lets hope its someone worth our time" he spoke aloud to his pokemon who had wasted no time in exploring its new surroundings.

Royce began unpacking his things
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