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Default Re: Individual RP: ChainReaction01

OOC: Really psyched cos I thought of something awesome to do a couple posts in the future ^^

Soon after I commanded the attack I realised that Ivy was muttering something. I wasn't entirely sure what was going on, but it was pretty clear that the Froslass' grip on her was strong. I had to capture the Ghost-type as soon as possible. The Ranger was curled up and rocking slightly, murmuring about sight or seeing or sadness or something. It physically hurt me to see her like this so I averted my eyes. I knew Haji would take care of her. I turned back to the battle.

Sasha had turned into a bright silver flash, which peeled across the room. I saw her collide with the Froslass, bashing into the Ice-type. She threw a blinding-fast jab at the Froslass' throat. The Wild Pokemon's horrendous singing cut off with a gargling sound that was almost as bad. She backed away from Sasha as the Psychic-type did the same. It looked like the stereotypical martial-artist's duel - each fighter keeping a healthy distance from the other.

"I can't," I heard Ivy whisper. "She hurts. Her Trainer is dead."

"I'll just have to help her find a new one then," I said bravely. In all probability, that Trainer wouldn't be me - I would never be able to forgive the Froslass for all it had done - but I think I would be strong enough to help her find a new friend.

The Ghost-type began to whirl around like she was dancing ballet. The wind rose with her, carrying minute particles of snow and ice. The amount grew as the wind became more powerful. The white mist began to coalesce into into a multitude of white balls that danced around with her. The ghost then threw her arms outwards and the ice balls began to whizz towards Sasha. The Medicham's Light Screen suddenly began buzzing, and it expanded slightly. Sasha reached her arm behind her back and the magical square attached to her forearm. She used it to bat away the ice balls, smashing them all into tiny bits of powder. Unfortunately for her, the last ice ball shattered her shield, leaving her defenseless.

As it did so, the room began to shake. I could see that the Froslass was thrashing around, but considering she wasn't standing I didn't see why. Until she started wailing and choking and bashing her fist into one of the pillar. Suddenly a huge clump of snow fell down onto the ground, bringing some of the ceiling with it. It made an impenetrable wall that separated us from Sasha. I felt a cold fist of dread grasp my stomach.

"It's so cold," Ivy said sadly, rocking back and forth, staring straight at the barrier. I took off my trenchcoat and draped it around her even though I knew it wouldn't do anything. I felt as bad as she looked.

Dual, what the hell am I supposed to do? I asked him. Sasha was strong, and her powers were peaked, but she was tired. She couldn't keep going for long, not against the might of the Froslass. I couldn't see Sasha, though, and so I couldn't return her to her PokeBall. Those things required line of sight.

<You know what to do,> Dual replied. <Just look for the answer.>

So I did. I reached through my knowledge and Dual's memories, trying to find a way to keep her safe. I passed through his chance meeting with her, wounded in a fight with a fleeing Honchkrow. He took her under his wing, teaching her valuable techniques like the Psycho Cut and the Drain Punch. Finally, I saw him search out a Celebi and ask for instruction regarding a very rare technique. I watched as the Legendary Pokemon taught the Medicham and I knew. I knew exactly what to do.

<Very good.> the Gallade nodded. <However, Sasha is still affected by the Froslass' taunting. You'll have to stall the battle out a little longer.>

Let's hope she can last that long, I muttered before reaching out to Sasha. I knew the Froslass could and probably would intercept the thought, so I locked my plan away behind the shield that Haji had set up for us. I would have preferred to call out, but I wasn't confident about being able to yell over the Froslass' wailing and through the Avalanche barrier.

Sasha, you're doing great, just hold out a bit longer, I sent.

<Don't ask me not to f**k that b***h up cos you know I can't do that,> she growled back.

That's fair, but at least keep it ranged, I cautioned. Use Psychic to keep her at a distance and deflect her attacks or something.

I could feel Sasha's unhappiness and rage burning through our temporary link. All I could do was hope that she did as I asked and got over her anger as soon as possible. I impressed upon her the importantance of calming down over and over again, praying that it would soon get through. If Sasha fainted, I couldn't even return her to the safety of her PokeBall, and we already knew the Froslass was a capable killer.
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