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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

Celty and Shinra
Chilly Beach->School Building->Dorms

That's not a problem, we'll get right on that! You can count on us! Celty flashed the message on screen at Lyla long enough for the girl to read it before turning and excitedly mouthing 'Let's go!' to Shinra, loosening her grasp on his arm and letting her hand travel down to his hand to take hold of it with her own. If one had been looking closely, they would have notice Shinra's cheeks pinken slightly before Celty took off, pulling Shinra behind her. The amount of energy the girl had in her was astounding at times like this, sometimes Shinra thought she could run everywhere all day like this and never get tired, but it was often this thought that made him wonder what she would be like if she could actually speak. without much time to think, he simply ran with her, finally getting enough speed that he could run alongside her.

Glancing over at her, Shinra was surprised to find Celty grinning like she thought it was the best thing in the world to be running along the pathway leading to the school to go help out another stident. Of course, that was just the kind of person Celty was, she liked to live in the moment, like every day might be her last...the accident when she was six had taught her at an early age that things could change in an instant, so she had to enjoy things as they were in the present. Him? He just went along with it, he didn;t think he knew how to do otherwise, and if he did, he didn't have the heart to. He had promised that he would be there for her to his mother because "You're the only one who can really understand her now, Shinra. Remember that, okay? You were her closest friend before the accident, and now you have to be even closer because this is a hard time for her, Celty will go through life being different from everyone else, unable to speak, to give a real voice to her opinions. You should be there to support her, tell her to not let that difference hold her back, be her voice if you need to. do you understand?" that was what his mother told him, and he understood.

Suddenly, Shinra was brought back to the real world as Celty let go of his hand. They were now in the supply room, and Celty was digging through boxes. He joined her, and the two found a box of R-Comms in no time. "Heh, I'll take that." Shinra offered, scooping up the box, but Celty shook her head and produced her phone.

Can I carry them? Please? I was the one who asked to help, I should carry them. Glowed in the dimness of the room at him. Shinra sighed and allowed her to pocket the phone before passing her the box and making sure she had a good grip on it before placing a gentle hand on her shoulder and the two left the room and school behind, heading for the dorms.

It only took a few minutes to get there, but by the time Celty and Shinra made it to the dorms the students were roaming and Lyla and Justin were standing together waiting for more questions. "Well, we found 'em. Celty insisted on carrying the box, so I'm sure she'll get to typing away once she puts it down." Shinra offered with a slight chuckle, Celty rolled her eyes and stuck out her tongue at him in response, earning her a laugh. "Did we miss anything?" He asked for both of them, Celty nodded.

Michelle Toya
Between the school and dorms

Michelle's eyes flickered to the wall of mahogaly curls that barred Pho from view. She was surprised he had followed her, he even seemed really upset, why was that? With a quick, deliberate motion using the back of her hand, she brushed the hair out of the way. "I said sorry because I fell over you, even if I tripped on you and got hurt myself. Speaking of, my brother taught me how to take care of myself, and Cam can fix it, I don't need help." She said softly, though her tone held a slight sharpness to it. At the quiestion of her name, she hesitated, though her name was a lot less worse than the boy, Pho's. My last name...if he hears it... Why do I care? I'm not going to talk to him after this anyway. He's probably just trying to look good and act sorry for it. I doubt he really cares--good act.

"My name is Michelle Toya." She said flatly, not even bothering to move her hands or make a motion of greeting. No head nod, no smile, no nothing. Why waste it on an act, after all?

Behind her, Cam frowned, the boy was genuinely sorry. More genuine than Michelle had ever seen before, so of course she would be wary, but still... Something told the Gardevoir he would not be turned away so easily.

OOC: On a side note, it's probably a lot easier to treat Celty's messages like actual speech, it's also probably just easier to call her device a phone. I've already fallen into the habit of it. XD Lazy Winter is lazy.

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