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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

Lyla Emony, Perry Roberts, and Justin Metrix
Realix Academy Campus-Path to Dorm Houses

Justin and Lyla continued leading the students towards the academy. They were now just a few feet away from the Academy. It's huge castle-like structure towered above the students. Most of them gazing an awe at its beauty. "Okay new students this is the amazing sight known as Realix Academy," Lyla stated. "Now that path here on the left will lead us around the Academy and behind the Academy are the Dorm House. So let's get going," Lyla explained.

Perry then jumped for joy, he couldn't believe he was standing in front of the most amazing school ever. "Woohoo! Finally! Let's hurry up! I just can't wait!" Perry shouted in excitement.

Then Celty and Shinra approached Lyla. Celty showed a device to Lyla which contained a message that read: "Hi, Lyla. Is there anything Shinra and I can help you and Justin with?". Lyla smiled at Celty's offer and replied,"Hello Celty and Shinra, actually there is something that I do need help with. You see each new student needs a R-Comm (Realix Communicator), but you see I forgot to go get them. If you could you be so kind enough to get them, there are two boxes full of them in the Supply Room on the ground floor inside the Academy. I would appreciate it very much if you could do me this favor. Then meet us in front of the Dorm Houses," Lyla explained.

Of course Lyla forgot to get those. It was her job to go get them, but as long the students get them it shouldn't be a problem. Justin crossed his arms as he usually did when Lyla forgot something or had one of her clumsy moments.

Then Lyla and Justin were approached by a new student who said,"Hi, my name's Ryan.What's your name?" He seemed a bit nervous, which made Lyla giggle a bit. "Hello it's a pleasure to meet you, my name's Lyla. I'm a Pokemon Coordinator. And this is my friend Justin, a Pokemon Trainer, We are Veteran Students this is our second year here," Lyla explained. Awww cute he's nervous. I remember being a new student last year and being nervous to make new friends and such. But he seems like a cool guy, even a little handsome.

Justin then tapped Lyla on the shoulders and he pointed back to the crowd of students. "Lyla look!" Justin exclaimed.

Lyla then turned and gasped as she saw two students fighting. One student had thrown a punch but the other one ducked. The student who had dodged the punch kicked him really hard, then painfully twist the other student's arm. Lyla rushed over to the scene.

"Hey you two! Stop that! You shouldn't be fighting especially not on the first day of school. Your hear to become a better trainer, not getting into stupid street fights! You two had better straighten up your acts. This is a very prestigous academy, you were chosen to be here. That means you have the potential to become great trainers. It doesn't matter which of you started this but you should be both be ashamed of yourselves. Now since this is the first offense I won't report it to the Headmaster," Lyla scolded.

"Yeah chill guys. I understand that some people can be irritating but that doesn't mean you should whale on them. Geez, it's barely the first day and we already have this ruckcus. Come on pull it together," Perry lectured.

Justin then pulled out his R-Comm, it was a small and square red device with numbers and letters on it. He dialed a number and called," Yes Nurse Pandra I have an injured student here. Yes he got into a fight. I'll bring him to you," Justin said and then hit a red button on the R-Comm to end the call. "Come with me and I'll take you to the nurse," Justin said as he lead the injured student into the building and down the hall. He went into the first door on the left and helped the student into a seat. "Wait here and the nurse will take care of you," Justin said as he began to leave. He then headed back outside and back to where Lyla was.

Lyla was then approached by the guy who had been staring at her earlier. ""Lyla, hi! I'm Patrick Carlile, I was your biggest fan... But no one else seemed to like you, and I was sad when you stopped recording.. I own all the posters that ever came out with your picture on them.... And then it just went all quiet... I was scared you'd died... There were so many rumors... And I couldn't ever find anything about you... It was just kinda funky...Oh, I'm sorry! Is there anything I can help with, also? We could split up the newbies and I can take them to one dorm, while Justin and you and someone else can take them to others... Or if you don't want me here, I can go...". the young man said quite quickly and nervously.

"Well hello, Patrick. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm always glad to be recognized by true blue fans just like yourself. It faltters me to know you really admired me. But of course I didn't die, I just fell in love with Pokemon Coordinating and just really got into it. I still right music and sing but not as big as before. Um...well we have everything pretty much covered here. But it would help us a lot if you could just go the Boys Dorm House and roam the halls and help any of the new students who need your help when we get to the dorms," Lyla explained.

"Okay now follow this way and we will head to the Dorm Houses so you can find your rooms and get settled in," Lyla explained. She and Justin then continued leading them around the school towards the Dorm Houses. They walked for about fifteen minutes when they finally arrived at the Dorm Houses. There was one three story blue building and then across from it was a three story red building. "The red building is the Girls Dorm House and the blue the Boys Dorm House. Girls are not allowed in the Boys Dorm and the boys are not allowed in the Girls Dorm Room. Breaking that rule could lead to expulsion, so be sure to stay with your gender's dorm. Now with your acceptance letter you have a paper that says your room number, so go find it. Have any questions ask either myself or Justin," Lyla explained.

Lyla and Justin then stood in the little park area in between both Dorm Houses. There were several benches that surrouned a fountain. They stood in front of the pond in plain sight so the students could easily find them to ask questions. "Hey Justin, you know how there have been strange things occurring lately?" Lyla whispered

Justin knew Lyla was whispering as to not be heard by all the new students bustling about. "Yeah, like the strange Pokemon sightings, the strange people spotted around campus at night and the student disappearances?" Justing question also whispering.

"I want to investigate and get to the bottom of the situation. It's not because I'm looking for trouble but whatever IS going on concerns my safety for the students. They may not realize but they are all in serious dangers. And I don't want to just stand by and watch this happen," Lyla explained whispering.

"Lyla...we don't need getting into trouble, especially not the first day. But I guess you do have a point though. But that's none of our concern. We don't need to get involved in things don't pertain to us. Besides where would we start our investiagtion?," Justin responded.

"Well the last strange Pokemon sighting was at Overgrown Forest. We could go there tomorrow night to investigate. We just sneak out and just take a look around and be back before we are noticed to be gone," Lyla explained.

"I don't want you in danger! There are known to be many rogue Pokemon lurking around the areas all over the island during the night hours. So no! Then we could also get into serious trouble for looking into that which we were told not to." Justin scolded.

"Fine then I'll just go by myself. I don't need your permission to go places. I can do this all by myself, it'll just be me and my Pokemon. Besides I can take care of myself, I was just asking you to come along because your my friend," Lyla stated angrily.

"Fine, fine you win. I'll go with you, you stubborn fool," Justin said angrily. I swear this girl is as stubborn as a mule. She knows its dangerous yet she proceeds on with her idiotic pursuits. And of course I get drug along. Justin sighed as he lost and had to cooperate with Lyla's wants yet again
Credit to Lynchy Pokemon lives forever!

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