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guest@terminal_gym:/$ display arena


The Terminal Gym arena is a black room that is 17.80m long, 21.37m wide, and 21.37m tall (58.4 feet long, 70.11 feet wide, 70.11 feet tall). There is white marking the perimeter and center with the usual markings of a stadium. The white lines are backlit, providing enough light for Trainers and Pokémon to see clearly, but not enough to offset the black. Occasionally, a blue light will streak through the maze of white, not unlike the Sinnoh Champion's room. On opposite ends on the arena stand Trainer Boxes - one of them, adorned with "admin@terminal_gym" on the front, while other is labeled "guest@terminal_gym". The boxes stand raised about 10 feet off the ground, providing both Trainers with a clear view of the entire stadium. The four walls of the stadium are actually giant computer monitors, which display detailed statistics about the battle in question, much like the scoreboards seen at Pokémon Leagues.

While in the arena, all Pokémon will be judged during battle as if they had never evolved or trained. This includes Vitamins and other such modifiers. Despite having their stats reduced, Pokémon still retain their ability, type and movepool from their actual form. All attempts to use Signature Moves will fail and result in an appropriate energy deduction.
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